Worried about not being believed

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Worried about not being believed
Wed, 02-26-2014 - 9:14am

Were you worried that when you told someone that you wouldn't be believed or that you would be blamed?

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Thu, 02-27-2014 - 10:47am

I think on some level because I dated the person and stayed in a relationship with him for almost three years it did make it difficult for me to feel like I could tell people without them wondering why I stayed with the man who raped me and I had enough self-blame to go around that I figured if I blamed myself others probably would to.

Thankfully I had a friend who helped me to get out of that dysfunctional situation and I've come to understand that there were a lot of factors that went into my staying in that situation so I'm more willing to be open now about what happened than I ever was in the past.

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Thu, 03-06-2014 - 8:55am

I never told anyone because I was so scared I would get in trouble or be blamed.I think it is something everyone struggles with.