Be Strong!!

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Be Strong!!
Sat, 05-11-2013 - 3:10pm

One of my favorite kind of greeting cards are made by the company, "Blue Mountain Arts"  On one of our last trips on the road, we stopped at a gas station and I found this little book made by Blue Mountain and I wanted to share some words about being strong from it:


Taken from the book, "Words To Help You Be Strong"

"There have been times when I've found myself wondering ...

 how am I going to make it through?

 What can I possibly do to remedy a certain problem?

How am I ever going to figure out what direction to go in from here?

And then I remember these words ...

        "When you must, you can."

That phrase has proven itself to be true in almost everything I've done.

I've had days when I found strength inside me that I didn't even know I had.

I found answers to problems I thought I'd never solve ...

I have surprised myself with my ability to rise above certain situations and do what it take to find my serenity.

At times when I didn't think I could go on another day, I reached deep and kept the faith and managed to find a way ...

It's something I plan on remembering as long as I live, and I hope it will bring its beautiful blessings ... to you.

         "When you must, you can."

You can see your way through.

                                                                                   ~Douglas Pagels




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Mon, 07-29-2013 - 4:56pm

Suicide is the dumbest possible way of getting revenge. Why is that? Because the people you want to strike back at are the very same folks who won't even remember you a week after you're gone, while the people you want to spare most -- the people who love you -- are the ones who will have to live with the pain of your suicide for the rest of their lives.

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Mon, 07-29-2013 - 8:17pm

Hi Lisa,

Welcome to the board and thank you for posting!  You mentioned some good points to think about.

I had a question or two for you.  Do you think people commit suicide to get revenge or do you think they do it to end their suffering?  I don't know, wondered what your thoughts are.

If I may ask, have you lost anyone to suicide?  That may be much too personal of me to ask, so please don't answer if I am making your uncomfortable.  I only ask because from what you posted, it sounds like you may have some inspirational thoughts on the issue and may be able to help people to think twice before deciding to take their own life.

I appreciate you sharing and glad you found the board.  Hope to hear more of your important thoughts!!