suicide by cops

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suicide by cops
Wed, 03-19-2014 - 12:56pm

yesturday a woman who called the suicide line, was in bad shape... wanted to die.. the hot line caleed the local police like they will if that person is in deed wanting to kill themself. when the cops showed up she took a knife and went after them.. she was shot 2 times, she is now in ICU..  i know this happens, that ppl just can't do it to themselves so they go after the cops in hopes they get kill from them... my thought is this, since she had a knife and not a gun is there anyway they don't have to shoot to kill, but shoot in the arm or legs instead just to stop them... how do others feel about this...

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Wed, 03-19-2014 - 1:08pm

That is just a horrible tragedy all around. So sad that it had to happen to begin with.