Teen suicides

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Teen suicides
Mon, 05-05-2014 - 9:03am

Suicide is the third leading cause of death among teens. According to Health Day News,  a new study out suggests news coverage of a teenager's suicide may be contributing to even more suicides. "Graphic newspaper accounts of a teenager's suicide may play a role in copy-cat cases, a new study suggests.Looking at several dozen teen suicide "clusters" that struck various U.S. communities, researchers found evidence that local newspaper coverage might have contributed in some cases.In general, the study found, the initial suicide in those clusters garnered more newspaper stories -- with more explicit details -- when compared with isolated teen suicides.Experts said the findings do not prove that the newspaper stories were to blame. But the study, reported online May 2 in The Lancet Psychiatry, adds to evidence that certain types of media coverage of a suicide can sometimes create a ripple effect." READ MORE

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