Eat Your Dinner for Breakfast

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Eat Your Dinner for Breakfast
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An important technique that lower blood sugar levels in the morning involve eating your dinner at breakfast time. Especially, if your dinner is high in protein and low in refined carbs.

High Blood Sugar Levels in The Morning

Many diabetics like my niece, ask me, “why is my blood sugar levels always high in the morning.” In the past I have mentioned the possibility of the Dawn Phenomenon.

However, I feel that the type and amount of foods you eat before you go to bed may play a stronger role in lowering blood sugar levels in the morning one should follow diabetic meal preparation.

Eat Your Dinner at Breakfast:

•    Fuel your activities for the day.
•    Avoid cereals and bread in a high carb meal that is a high glycemic index meal.
•    Avoid spiking your blood sugar.
•    Eliminate a large meal from your evening meal time.
•    Avoid snacking before lunch.
•    Avoid a high calorie short duration meal.

What To Eat At Lunch

Lunch should include diabetic meals like low fat protein like grilled chicken breast with low glycemic vegetables. Reducing the amount of low glycemic carbs you eat will help prevent sugar lows that put you to sleep at your desk.

High glycemic index (GI) carbs break down faster and cause blood sugar levels to spike then quickly dive leaving you hungry again. High glycemic index is any carb with a GI value greater than 60 (out of a 100).

Avoid the following high glycemic index (GI) vegetables in your salad:

•    Artichoke
•    Carrot
•    Corn
•    Sweet potato as in potato salad
•    White potato as in potato salad
Eat the Following Low GI Veggies (GI value less than 20)
•    Asparagus
•    Broccoli
•    Cabbage
•    Cauliflower
•    Celery
•    Lettuce
•    Spinach
•    Watercress

Eat a Salad for Dinner

Eating a medium sized salad will keep you filled until bed time. Add low GI nuts and beans to your salads like:

•    Soy
•    Lentils
•    Black
•    Garbanzo
•    Kidney

You have to think creatively to change and maintain normal blood sugar outcomes by changing how and what you eating diabetic foods meals. Your blood sugar levels change will happen fast. However, losing body fat will take much longer. But, don’t freak out. Accelerate your weight loss with more physical activity and exercise. Think outside the box!

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