Weight Loss Stalled

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Weight Loss Stalled
Sun, 04-07-2013 - 8:18pm

I only lost 4 pounds during the two weeks of phase 1, so I didn't want to start phase 2.  So I'm still on phase one - about 4 weeks and have not lost more weight, stuck at 4 pounds.  I feel much better, energy, and I did lose a few inches off of my waist.  I didn't find the folder you mentioned Cathy to log what I am eating for your review.  I am going to be very mindful this coming week and also add exercise.  I am just wondering if anyone else doesn't see "rapid weight loss" during the phase one.  I have 30 pounds to lose before I am back in the moderately overweight category.  I am 46 yrs old, 5'4" and weigh 195.  I had maintained at 170 for several years but those 25 pounds came on what seemed like overnight.  Not medical as far as I know, had tests done.  Anyway - any advice to make phase one work better?  Seems like I am eating so drastically different but not seeing consistent results.  Trying not to give up but considering....

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Sun, 04-21-2013 - 11:59am


So sorry I didn't get back to you sooner but I was out of the country for the  last few weeks.  

I hope you've started phase 2.  You shouldn't stay on phase 1 longer than the 2 weeks recommended.  It does take some people longer than others to get the scale moving.  You just need to stay vigilant and keep at it.  Watch your serving sizes and stick with it.

Good luck and please keep me posted on your progress.