5 Percent of U.S. Kids 'Severely Obese,' Experts Warn

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5 Percent of U.S. Kids 'Severely Obese,' Experts Warn
Tue, 09-17-2013 - 11:00am

According to Health Day News, new treatments for severely obese children are needed because diet and exercise don't work well with these type children. "The steps to treating severely obese children range from lifestyle changes -- such as diet and exercise -- to more intensive tactics, including weight-loss drugs and, in some cases, surgery to reduce the size of the stomach.

Unfortunately, Kelly said, diet and exercise do not work all that well for these kids. And drugs and surgery are limited in their reach; surgery isn't appropriate for, or available to, all severely obese children, and the most effective weight-loss drugs aren't approved for use in children, Kelly noted.

More research into effective therapies is key, as is the recognition of severe obesity as a chronic disease, he explained.

"Pediatricians need other options besides just lifestyle therapy to treat this disease," Kelly said." read more

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