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Fri, 04-26-2013 - 8:08am

In my meeting last night we talked a lot about accountability. We all know we get that accountability by stepping on a scale each week (if you go to meetings in person).  How else are you staying true to the program?  Do you put your goals out *there* by sharing with friends and family members? Do you have a workout buddy or someone that helps keep you accountable to sticking to the program?  

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Wed, 05-01-2013 - 8:07pm
Ok for me I don't talk about my weight in public.. # the number We had to write down things that keep us going... I do weigh in weekly I made my lifetime on Feb 18 after I did the 6 wks maintain level.So far so good for me.. I Love going but its stressful since I hit goal maybe its me... I have many friends there in the same boat we are to gether as friends deep friends. We all motivate each other on exercising No I don't have a work out buddy here but I do think of some while I walk daily. What I have that keeps me going is my pedometer from WW this is something that I wear and look at it often I write on my journal steps, miles, activity points I have earned and what type of mood I am in plus what I eat and what exercise and what the day is like ( rain , sun or damp or cold) I weigh in on MOnday so my weekends must be 100 % on plan or I will weigh in heavy which I do not want.. I am determined to stick with this new lifestyle.. I am a 70.5 lb loser this is my second time around with this.. I regained this time 35.2 to which I took off this time..
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I think I get some accountability by sharing the fact I am trying to lose weight with all my family members and friends. Just knowing they know gives me an extra boost to try a little harder.