Training for a 10K

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Training for a 10K
Fri, 07-25-2014 - 1:02pm

My husband and I are training for our first 10K. We have been jogging almost two year now and have completed several 5K runs. We are adding a little each week to our running schedule and can manage 4 miles now and have done 5 miles twice and it took us over an hour. Several people have told us we need to look into refueling during our runs at this point but we don't know what that means. We live in the middle of our route so we can stop to get water when we need it. I am 61 and he is 63 if that makes a difference. Can anyone help us with this?

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Fri, 07-25-2014 - 4:55pm

Welcome!  Sounds like great progress and I love that you and your husband are doing this together.  For a 10k, I'd make sure to eat at least two hours before, a combination of carbs and protein, like a pb sandwich.  The peanut butter will slow the intake of carbs into your system so you'll be ready for the race but it's not too close to the race that it'll bother your stomach. During the race, you should be fine w/ water (if it's an official race, there will probably be water on the course but check to make sure).  It's possible that you could use something during the race but not very much, just a little gatorade/sports drink.  But, if you've run 5 miles, you're a good judge of whether you do or not.  How did you feel energy wise with five miles?  If you felt lethargic, grab a quick sports drink (2-3oz is all) aobut 45 minutes into it.  Let us know how the race goes!

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Mon, 07-28-2014 - 9:08am

Hi Jayne. YAY for you and your hubby! It sounds like you are doing great. Do you have a race date?

I think Jean has given you the best advice. She is helping me explore refueling as well. My long runs are now up to 2.5 hours and really a small sport drink works best for me. 

I would love to hear more about your training. :-)

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Mon, 10-06-2014 - 3:27am
i think whether or not you need to "refuel" would depend on how long the 10K would take you... are you looking to simply finish the 10k or be somewhat competitive with your time?