Appearances Tuesday

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Appearances Tuesday
Tue, 08-26-2014 - 8:07am

Ugh. I normally am old enough that I'm not plagued by body image problems anymore. But I was at the dog park yesterday, saw a young guy who looked incredibly fit. We started talking and it turns out he's a crossfit box owner.  He just looked the part. And when I told him I was a personal trainer, I felt like such a poser because I don't look the part!  I work w/ older clientele so it's not an issue w/ them, or I don't think it is. I actually think it makes me more approachable.  But, when it comes to meeting other fitness professionals, ugh, I feel almost apologetic, like "I can do pull ups!,I'm fit!" although I'm probably at my least fit in years right now. Anyway, that was just my rant. I'm sure he didn't think twice.  Then, at parkour, I was so whiny in the first class because I can't do much w/ two bad ankles (as I put it, I have one bad ankle that won't heal and one bad ankle w/ the new sprain that will).  I'm not feeling down, I had a great night doing silks and this new student who's a gymnastics instructor told me I was doing the moves better than our instructor.  So, it's just a reality check.  I'm getting older.

I'm not sure what I'll do today. It's wall week at parkour which means we're doing a lot of jumping and climbing up walls. It's too much for my newly hurt ankle so maybe i'll just do the condiitioning class.

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Tue, 08-26-2014 - 8:39am

Jean, I think you are way too hard on yourself.  You are an AWESOME trainer, and you DO fit the part.  You are your own worst critic.  EL, you are good in being proactive about your health.  I really need to join you on that one, as I have some standard tests I should take now that I have hit that milestone birthday.  Karla, how are classes going for your "kids?"  And are you continuing to take it easy on your injuries?  It cooled off with rain yesterday, so I am hopeful that means better running for you.  GR, I admire all of the "you-time" you take.  You, as well as others on the board, have been my inspiration to take better care of myself.  For that, I thank you have been such a positive influence on my psyche!

Boy, everyone has so many injuries.  Aaahhh, well, that means you are using your body to the most of its abilities.  :D  So I am "getting" my daughter's side of moving onto campus.  First, what teenager would want to live in a place that your grandmother and mother could claim stake in at any given time, and be told to clean up?!  My mother has been going to the townhome almost daily, "doing her laundry," and I have been going over to admire the water/small lake to enjoy some calm when I visit.  Additionally, if she lives on campus, work and classes are within a 5-15 minute walk, with no worries about buses, parking, etc.  Although I continued the conversation with my daughter on how we have been planning this for over 6 months and have spent quite a bit of money, I am leaving her "on her own" in getting situated and getting all moved out.  We shall see how well she does with this.  I am staying out of it!  Now, I will need to get the townhome fixed up to sell.  I will probably hold onto it for at least 6 months, to let my nephews and nieces stay there one last time this holiday season.  Unfortunately, the condo association does not allow for the condo to be rented.  :(  Otherwise, I would rent it out!

Work today.  I should also start taking my tests today.  I read about 300 pages to memorize for work yesterday.  Blah blah blah.

I went to dogtraining last night, and I forgot how much I enjoy other people enjoying my dog.  I love watching a small child, 1/4 of the weight of my dog, being in a trance, petting my dog, because they are fearful but hopeful, and then they become so comfortable.  :)  He has a magical effect on people that brings them awe and joy.  Perhaps I will try a new class at the gym I started going to.

Make it a great day, everyone!

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Tue, 08-26-2014 - 11:38am

Jean, you are being way to hard on yourself.  You have a number of years on me and you're doing things I would just never do.  That being said, I do hear you on the self-consciousness about "looking the part."  That was something I always struggled with because I'm heavier than most other trainers.  The flip side about that is that we are more approachable and I think clients deveop rapport with us more easily because we're "real".  You and I are also not willing to give up the culinary pleasures in life in order to weigh less.  Your journal read something like "Blah, blah, blah, I'm frustrated because I can't do my circus tricks."  Think about that for a second.  Cool

FSN, I never doubted for a second that your daughter had good reason to want to live closer but the fact remains that she could have considered this six months ago.  I completely support you in sticking to her guns and letting her relocation be her problem.  Perhaps this will be a valuable lesson in thinking ahead.  Happy to read yesterday that you booked your cruise!   

I reached a turning point with work last night where I'm feeling less stressed.  I'm starting the challenging project today but I needed to have a few things off my plate first.  We're supposed to have monsoons today so assuming that happens, it'll be a nice day to be home.  Although, it's currently sunny and beautiful so we'll see.  Monsoons can move fast though.  

I'm doing strength training today and will attempt to NOT undo all the work my massage therapist did yesterday.  I was chatting with her yesterday about the conditions at Massage Envy and it brought back a lot of the yucky stuff about working for places.  Assuming what she says is true (and my last therapist there said similar things), I don't blame her one bit for leaving.  Still contemplating if I'll go with her or stay with ME.  

I learned a valuable lesson this morning.  I've been curious about bulleproof coffee I've been hearing about so I decided to try it.  Note to self: it needs to go in the blender because putting ice into it even after mixing thoroughly makes the butter pieces reform and stick to the side of the cup.  It's kind of gnarly looking.  I may try again tomorrow but using the blender every day falls into the category of too much work.  

I'm gonna try to do an actual work day today and not work at night (like I've been doing).  Assuming I get a decent amount done, I'd like to do a mani and/or pedi while watching a movie tonight.  Or read.  I'm reading The Magus by John Fowles (I think that's his name).  It's a weird, weird book and I'm not even sure I like it but I'm already too invested to quit.  

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Tue, 08-26-2014 - 12:32pm
I am back on the bus....ELC, yes, the gym owner actually is the Bosu instructor...I am particularly annoyed because I usually am on a 'punch card' where I pay as I go, but for August, I paid fora monthly pass...I am still a little ahead financially but not as much as I could be if I liked the gym better lately. I think they are really changing the classes in September, so I will go back to pay per visit...Jean, I get what you mean about wanting to look fit. I spend so much time at the gym I think I should look like an Amazon...but I eat crap so it undoes a lot of the effort. I ended up buying enough training sessions at the 'old' price to get me to the end of the year, and in am challenging myself to lose ten pounds or more by then..if I do, I will find the money to stay sat three times a week, but if not, I will go to two sessions on the theory that if I really want it, I will sacrifice for it and make it worthwhile...and ten pounds in 16 weeks should be easy to do if I work at it...GR, I would definitely need the glam part of camping...glad you are feeling serene about your work...Karla, hope your run does not melt you today. FSN, I do think you should respect your daughter's apartment as 'her' space and neither you or your mother should go there unannounced and preferably uninvited...but I think if she wants to make a change, she should figure it out...I will lift later today, and run...
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Tue, 08-26-2014 - 12:53pm

I am panicking. Maybe I am reading too much into things but with the sudden forecast of very hot weather for the next several weeks I was already worrying about whether or not I should do the marathon. This morning I get a note from my credit card company that I was charged for a missed stay at a hotel. I called the hotel only to find out that the brand new person who booked me for the marathon booked the wrong dates. The hotel quickly straightened out the situation and credited me for the charge but my over reactive mind is now telling me these are "signs" I need to pay attention too. I think we once had a conversation about these kind of "signs" didn't we? What do you think-am I just being paranoid? 

Jean, you are being too hard on yourself. I too am having somewhat of an age crisis over my appearance so I totally understand what you mean. I went to a sports shop to buy running shorts for my marathon (my gosh all the shorts I tried on were short!) and felt like everyone was looking at me like "YOU" plan to run a marathon. Are you sure you the nursing home is going to let you out long enough. Ugg. lol We need to be easier on ourselves. ;-)

SJ, I get a very large discount at my gym for paying for an entire year at a time. Maybe your gym has something like that to offer?

Gym-bulletproof coffee? I have never heard of it. I am going to have to investigate.

Fresh, good for you for making your daughter figure this out on her own. Maybe next time she won't wait until after the fact to do some thinking. 

Yesterday's 7 mile run was absolutely brutal because of the heat and humidity. My sister and I took it very slowly and plodded along talking about our strategy should we encounter this during our marathon. While this training is very challenging, it honestly is kind of thrilling to talk about and do planning etc. If I survive and finish the marathon I will have some great stories to tell. ;-)

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Tue, 08-26-2014 - 2:45pm

Awww, Karla.  *hugs*  I don't believe in "signs" and my assessment is these little hiccups are feeling bigger than they are because you're nervous.  You're going to be fine.  Kiss (<-- that's the closest emoticonn we have to a cheerleader) 

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Tue, 08-26-2014 - 5:45pm

FSN, I agree w/ SJ about respecting your daughter's space. Maybe when she moved in, she wasn't expecting to have people come in all the time. I could see how she'd feel that way.  

GR, that's how I feel about it. As I said, I'm not down on myself for it but I do think trainers are in a physical appearance field and it does matter. OTOH, I had a client today who exclaimed, "Wow, look at those arms" when I demo'ed a bicep curl so it does depend on the crowd and I have to remember that I'm not part of and have no desire to be part of that crossfit crowd!  I was thinking about the ME thing because I finally found a therapist I like that it's such a factory and i feel bad for the therapists.  Plus, overall, with the tipping, you don't get that much better of a rate than buying a 10 pack from a private individual. I think when mine expires, I'll move on.  I would never be able to work effectively as a trainer in that type of condition.  LOL, you're funny about being gentle to your body around the massage. I have one scheduled for Thursday so my thoughts are that I should beat up my body as much as possible until then.  I haven't heard of bulletproof ice coffee--I thought it was a hot coffee thing but I can imagine what it would do to the butter!

SJ. exactly--if life were fair, with how much we work out, we'd be incredibly lean and fit!  I think I surprise people between what I look like and what I can do.

Karla, no signs--you've trained for this and you can do it. The only sign is that you're on your feet training.  You can do hot especially since your only goal is to finish.  BTW, the forecast for my marathon was hot and humid and the couple of big races, the Army 10 miler and Chicago marathon, a couple of weeks before had terribly bad weather where they ran out of water, someone died, they cancelled the rest of the marathon (not due to the death). I was freaked out but we couldn't have had better weather.  So, just keep your eye on the next runs, not that far in the future!