The calm amidst the snowstorm Monday

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The calm amidst the snowstorm Monday
Mon, 03-03-2014 - 7:58am

The city has closed down again for a snowstorm. I came home from the ski resort last night because I have clients today but am planning on heading back after the last one since I have clinic tonight and teach tomorrow.  Two cancelled this morning but I probably still have noon ones. I'm thinking they might cancel, too, but better they cancel than me! I've cancelled way too much this season.  I worked out on Saturday night w/ some ski friends, after a day of skiing and then we all skied yesterday. It was really fun and a good way to get moving, after moving all day (yeah, I get the irony in that).  I have some high intensity driving today.

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Mon, 03-03-2014 - 8:30am

I hope you are enjoying all of this snow for skiing!  Are your thighs massively toned?!  I love the look of toned legs!  It's cool to see all of the muscle definition.

Boo.  I got TTOM with this HRT.  :(  Major yuck.  I had a vunderbaar time this weekend with a male tenor that sounded like an operatic woman.  His voice was like an angel.  The Viennese orchestra with Joussky singing.  Truly an experience.  I had fun ballroom dancing, too, and realized that when work calms down, I really should take serious dance lessons.  I really do love it, and it makes all my problems go away.  I am going to try to schedule some linedancing this week.  DH and I seem to be drifting apart in that I am going out with my girlfriends a lot more, while he stays home and watches tv.  TV is just too boring for me.  I have to go out and DO something.  I really wish there were ballroom dance classes closer to home.  A 40-60 minute drive after work is reallly pusing me.  :(

Work today, probably followed by administrative catch up tonight.  What's going on with everyone else?!

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Mon, 03-03-2014 - 9:02am

Jean, I can't even remember the last time I was in a city that "closed" for weather.  Pleaes be careful driving today!  

FSN, sounds like a great weekend!  I think that happens with married couples...  but perhaps in an effort to bring the two of you closer, you guys ought to do something to together.  I'm a TV person so I relate to your husband a little more although I can't stand not doing anything else.  

The weekend was nice.  Our animal park trip was postponed to Sunday as it was literally raining all day on Saturday.  We had a good time.  DH's aunt and I shared two bottles of wine at dinner.  I have so much more in common with her than I do MIL.  I also realized that her office isn't really that far from me so I'm going to make some lunch dates with her.  I'm doing cardio this morning and then off to get my allergy shot.  I didn't end up getting to that chiro office last week so I think I'm going to do that today.  I also need to work on an article for the PT office.  

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Mon, 03-03-2014 - 9:35am

That storm just left my area and thankfully it didn't pack the punch that they were calling for. We got ice and several inches of snow but not the "catastrophic" ice that was predicted. Hopefully we will be out of this winter mess in another week or two!

I am signing up for runs and so far I am signed up for a Color Run and a local 5K. There are at least 2 more 5Ks I want to do and I am looking for a 10K. My plans to do a half in April were thwarted by my achilles injury so I am putting that on hold until the fall. I want to very, very slowly work my way back up to the longer runs so I don't get injured again. 

I am not sure I will be doing anything but reading today as I have one heck of a head cold. It has been a long time since I have had a whopper like this so I may just take it easy today and drink fluids. 

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Mon, 03-03-2014 - 8:57pm
We didn't get the snowstorm, but brrrrr, it is cold out there! Jean, I think you'll be skiing on the Fourth of July this year. My brother ran the last two Boston Marathons..I've probably said this before, but the first yeas was on his 54th birthday, and the second on the last day he was 54...I think that is an amazing wierd fact...but the first year was record hest and of course last year the bombs...he is not running this year, but he thinks there will be a blizzard. I am glad he isn't running - there are so many restrictions plus the security will be crazy. In the moment last year, we were both very calm, but when I think of 'what might have been' I say a little prayer....the have planted daffodils all along the route, so I hope it is a warm spring so that they bloom. I got my Firbit set up...way hRder than I think it should have been, but finally working. I walked more than 17000 steps on Saturday, a little over 10000 yesterday, and am at almost 16000 as I already knew, I walk a lot....Gymrat, I saw in the paper that it was raining in Arizona...weeks without rain and the dY you want to go to the animal park...maybe you can break the drought....FSN, I read some of the singles boards, and a lot of woman really want to meet a man to do things with...and I think a lot of men just want someone to stay home and watch tv with them...I like my sports, but I seldom sit and just watch, I am up and down so I bet I would be annoying to someone else. Karla, take care of yourself...chicken soup and ice cream are my recommendations for a cold...typical gym Monday for name...5 minute. Bikecwarmup, lifting for chest, back,. ran 2 miles in 27:08, floor abs.