calm Monday

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calm Monday
Mon, 03-24-2014 - 9:31am

Oooohhhh.  It is so quiet in the house so I have the tv on this morning!  Yesterday, with noone here, I cleaned, went to morning yoga, got some work done, and then I drove an hour to a new ballroom dance class where I met new dancers AND found reasonably priced dance shoes.  On a bad note, I lost the necklace that dh gave me on our second christmas together.  :(  I am hoping that it mysteriously appears before he gets home on Friday.

On the legal front, I got a surprise certified letter on Friday that my lawyer withdrew from my case.  Really?!  I strongly suspect that the 2nd opinion lawyer contacted my lawyer and told her I visited her, and that she was shocked that X, Y, Z were not employed to defend my rights to certain things.  Sooooo, now I have to get all of my paperwork together for 2nd opinion lawyer, right a retainer check, and go spend some more money this week to find out what the next step is.  I also had to visit the last lawyer to ask her for "my file," which I don't even understand why she dropped me (she also dropped the case of the woman that recommended her) by simply ignoring all phone calls, emails, and office visit requests/questions.  So I told her that if she didn't get the file to me within five days, that I would report her to the legal board (2nd opinion lawyer suggested that.)  <SIGH> I don't get it.  For 7 years, I have asked 5 lawyers to do 2 QDROs.  This isn't rocket science.  Why is it so hard?!  Sorry for the vent.

I am so sore from yoga.  But I LOVED the dance!  I should meet up with this woman (btw, she is a fitness instructor) to go dancing.  Her husband doesn't dance either.  :P

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Mon, 03-24-2014 - 9:44am

FSN, I've been self employed for years now and it never ceases to stun me how people do business.  I followed up on EVERY lead and EVERY phone call yet I have encountered people time and and time again who are too busy to acknowledge that I exist.  I don't know what the lawyer's deal is but rest assured that you're not alone in having to deal with incompetent and disappearing people.  In any event, I hope the second opinion lawyer is able to do right by you.  

Up early this morning and finishing some resumes.  Picking my mom up this afternoon from the airport.  We will probably go to lunch and then I'll bring her home.  She will inevitably complain about the "jet lag" even though there's only an hour difference between us right now.  She has flying anxiety so I suspect it's that rather than actual jet lag.  I'm going to do some type of strength training this morning too.  I'm feeling fairly decently. 

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Mon, 03-24-2014 - 8:10pm

It surprises me how many professionals and adults aren't.  I've gotten into trouble in the past because I stupidly assume that just because a person is a profession, he/she will do the job.  IT's frustrating.  And, I was lucky that mine didn't have the repercussions that yours will w/ the lawyer problems.  GR, hope you have a good visit w/ your mom--at least w/ the jet lag, she'll ease into being there?

It's the calm before the storm (literally, too) here. I'm leaving for Lake Placid in two days. I have to take care of all the loose ends w/ the puppy and the daughter before I go. Plus, my husband just started a new job today so it's going to be hectic for him, too.  our little mountain closed yesterday so it was sad to say goodbye to everyone.  Back to real life in a week and back to my pseudo parkour/aerial silks living!

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Mon, 03-24-2014 - 8:17pm
Well ladies...I did it! I am retiring on April 11! A little scary, but I feel very happy. GR, I hope you don't mind, but I might look into something like the online writing you are doing. I love to write, although I am not sure I have much to say...I am also looking into some volunteer work, and thinking of other things that will be fun to do. FSN, your legal situation is scary. When my parents were splitting up, my mother went to our minister for guidance. He told her that they would pray for things to work out, but in the meantime, he sent her to a good lawyer....she was very broken at that time, but the lawyer fought for us. My dad is a good person, but he married again and had a second family...I know that my mother's legal agreement is what let us stay in our home and have the lives we had. When my mother died, even though the lawyer was retired and his son had taken over the practice, he insisted on probating her will for us, telling us how proud he was of the life she made. I was able to thank him for what he did for her at the lowest time in her life. I hope you find a lawyer like that. I went to the gym, 10 minutes on bike, lifting for chest/back, ran 1.5 miles in 20 minutes.
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Mon, 03-24-2014 - 8:59pm

Wow, exciting news! What did they say when you told them?  I think you'd be a good writer. In fact, i think you and GR should get together and write advice columns. That would be awesome.

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Tue, 03-25-2014 - 8:44am

Congrats SJ! I can't begin to imagine how liberated you must feel.

Fresh, that is horrible about the lawyer but not surprising. I know two people who have had lawyers that never showed up in court for rather serious charges. It is amazing to me that you can pay a so called professional so much money and they don't do their job.... and you don't get a refund!

Jean-woohoo-have fun!

Gym, I too follow up on every phone call and lead. I was offered a job by a realty company once because they said I was the most thorough client they ever worked with. lol

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