Fitness Friday

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Fitness Friday
Fri, 07-25-2014 - 11:26am

Woohoo it's Friday-who is exercising today? I ran 3.1 miles this morning and plan to do a little lifting this evening.

I'm taking tomorrow as a rest day and may even treat myself to a trip to a running store to be fitted for new shoes. If I am going to start training for a marathon I need to make sure I have some of the best shoes available for my feet/running style. I have an 8+ mile run planned for Sunday but may have to change it to a 6 mile run on the tread because we are expecting storms. 

Fresh-any news on your tests?

My granddaughter is sick which may sound bad but it is great news as far as we are concerned. She has a high fever causing issues with her brain fluid but the shunt is working properly so that means no surgery. She has been being treated for the fever all day yesterday and is better today. It is such a relief to know cutting into her brain is not involved. As far as her therapy, thank you for all your suggestions. She does get help from March of Dimes right now so we will see what else is available. I never paid attention to all the Jerry Lewis telethons and fund raisers for things like Easter Seals until my granddaughter was born. Then it hit us like a ton of bricks what it was all about. We give all we can now because without the funding of March of Dimes my granddaughter might not be alive. She starts "school" in August and she will be getting therapy  through them, it's just not quite what she's been getting up to this point. We figured this would happen at some point but thought she would be a little older before it happened. She really is making progress so we are going to see what we can do with therapist reports, etc. Hopefully by the time she gets older and has to go to regular school she won't need as much help. 

Any exciting weekend plans?

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Fri, 07-25-2014 - 11:37am

We were posting at the same time....  I thought I couldn't possibly be the first one here.  I also meant to add, Karla, that if worse comes to worse, you might ask her current therapist to teach you (and/or family members) what kind of work can be done with her at home.  Granted, it's not the best case scenario but it's better than nothing.  If it's affordable, you could also pay for a one-time session with the therapist to "check in" and give you directions going forward (like a lot of people do with personal trainers).

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Fri, 07-25-2014 - 2:59pm
Bon soir. We had an emotionally draining day in Verdun today. We visited one site where there are bones from 135,000 us identified World War I French soldiers...imagine waiting for news and your son or brother never coming home and never being found....and that was just one place. We also visited an American military cemetary where 14.000 men are buried. We found some from my brother's division, and took pictures of their crosses. We ate lunch at a combination restaurant and private museum - items the proprietor dug from the woods...huge amounts of stuff as entire villages were destroyed by shelling. It was late for lunch, and they sent someone to the bakery for more bread for our sandwiches. Ina way, this was the best stop of the trip. I have eaten chocolate croissants, but I am still struggling with food - even packing snacks, the meals. Are too far apart for me, and too much time elapses between when we say we will eat and when it actually happens....I don't like to make a. Fuss about food, but I am Ina quandary between a need to eat and nausea, so finding something that works when the cooking is unusual is not easy. If I ever travel witha group again, I will. Have to figure this out in advance. Tomorrow we attend a ceremony where my brother will represent his division, and after the luncheon, we return to Pzris airport and home. The trip has been very packed, probably too packed, but all in all, has gone well. I rode with my brother's freinds today and we laughed a lot and I think we know each other a little better now. GR, yikes on the heat! ELC, nice to see you posting! Karla, glad the little one is 'only' sick. And you do deserve great shows. I know it is still early there - I might be back later to check on updates!
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Fri, 07-25-2014 - 5:09pm

Who so many journals!  I had a few clients in a row and then got stuck in traffic (downed wires on the freeway--yikes!) trying to get my daughter from math camp. I'm barely working these days but won't complailn. It's nice to have time to myself.  I did a parkour class yesterday. There were a couple of young guys which is when I normally back away from a class but I decided to stick with it.  They were really rough--as in, we were afraid they would hurt themselves badly. Sometimes people need to have a little fear.  I stayed for the conditioning class which a young guy teaches. He's good but doesn't know how to deal w/ different levels. There were a lot of people who couldn't even hang and they struggled.  But, I was able to climb the rope, no legs so I was so excited!  Most people could get up on it. I was terrible at it in school!  And the gym owner pulled me aside and told me there's a pizza restaurant looking for a woman who does parkour and has an interesting story to do a commercial and asked if she could pass on my name.  I'm sure nothing will come of it, given than I really can't do parkour and I don't have an interesting story but I'm flattered to be asked.  And, there's the whole question of whehter I should be pushing pizza given that I'm a personal trainer.  

GR, I can't imagine 116 degrees!  I'd stay in the house.  Do you friends spend the night in pajamas or do they go home after dinner?

Karla, sorry your granddaughter is going through the fever but glad it's a good thing. Poor thing--she's probably the bravest little girl.

SJ, enjoy the trip!  Enjoy those chocolate crossaints and odd meals/times.  You can get back on track when you return but this is a trip of a lifetime. Have fun!

Elc, I forgot to answer your question about the salmon diet. Yes, I did that for close to three weeks.  I lost a few pounds (5-6) and then started putting on 1-2 even staying on the plan.  I decided to buy a new scale, found that I'm actually five pounds lighter than I thought and decided it was fine.  What works w/ that diet is that it gets me back to eating how I normally do when I start feeling like I'm eating out of control. It's a good reset for me.  And, it's such a good way to eat, too, although expensive!

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Fri, 07-25-2014 - 5:13pm

Karla, glad your gdd has "just" a fever. In her case are the typical kid illnesses more worrisome because of her other health issues?

GR, Happy Birthday?? Is it sometime this weekend? I think you mentioned that you have been celebrating throughout the month, is this a milestone birthday? Or you just like to celebrate?

SJ, hope your return home is uneventful. When you are back I will ask about the things you ate, I love hearing about food of other countries.

I had a good ride on the bike this morning, the first time on it in 10 days. It may have been the first time I worked out in 10 days...yikes. We planned to ride on the island but when dh was putting his bike in the SUV he did something to his back. We drove down there but he realized he couldn't ride, so we turned around and he dropped me at the velodrome. His chiro/PT guy is on vacay so he is seeing a doctor this afternoon, I will drive him because he's worried he might not be able to drive if he gets another spasm. He can't take naproxen so hopefully the doc can suggest something else. So not fair that the fit active one is who gets the injury!

We have reservations for dinner at a gastropub on Sat night, hopefully we can go. Across the street from it is an apothocary type of bar, I was hoping we might go there afterwards for a craft cocktail. They serve absinthe and I'm curious about it, has anybody ever tried it?

Hope its a good weekend for all!

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Fri, 07-25-2014 - 5:54pm

Elc, I've had absinthe and I'm not a fan.  It has a licorice-flavor to it and while I love licorice, I just don't care for it.  

My birthday was last Wednesday and yes, I'm doing the whole month.  It's been kind of a crappy year and I've been sick for much of it but in last couple of months, it seems that between my allergist and my ENT, we've figured out how to fix me.  So... I just decided that I was going to go nuts and celebrate for a whole month.  

Jean, my friends will go home.