Fits and Starts Friday

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Fits and Starts Friday
Fri, 08-22-2014 - 8:40am

I have no idea what Fits and Starts really means but it popped into my head. My friend shared a post on FB about finishing what you start so she finished off her bottles of wine, gin, vodka...and then it ended up in gibberish.  I thought it was funny.  So it turns out that my wasps weren't wasps but European hornets and they have the most painful stings in that family.  I feel far less wimpy that the stings hurt/burned for as long as they did. My son asked,. "What do you mean by wimpy? You went to parkour right after???  You mean, you feel wimpy because you FELT pain but ignored it?" Okay but I was really whining inside.  I'm going to parkour conditioning and then driving my son back to college.  He passed his red band at parkour which puts him on par w/ the handful of real instructors at the gym.  There are only about half a dozen so it's pretty exciting.  I have to admit, I can't watch him do some of the stuff he does.  I told them in exchange for the red band, I'll bring in a red velvet cheesecake.

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Fri, 08-22-2014 - 9:18am
Jean, when I think of Fits and Starts, I picture an old jalopy shaking its way down the road...your son is AWESOME..not for the red band, which is great, but for his perceptiveness about your perceived 'wimpyness'. I always liked this definition of courage 'courage doesn't mean you aren't afraid. Courage is when you feel the fear and do it anyway'. I think this equates somehow to unwimpyness....
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Fri, 08-22-2014 - 9:24am

Jean, wow!  I"m glad you're okay.  

My first day by myself was lovely yesterday.  I went to Trader Joe's and bought all kinds of things that would annoy my husband.  I can hear him saying "Kel!  We can MAKE that for much less money."  Yes.  We can.  But I don't wanna.  :)  I watched a movie, did laundry and worked.  It was peaceful.  

The job I said I wasn't sure if I was going to take... I took it.  I've only done one other project like it so it's a challenge.  

Today, I'm doing strength training, working and I have a hair appointment.  Happy to get all my gray covered!  I am moving towards a hair change myself but don't know exactly what yet.  I did have inspiration for a new tattoo yesterday but it needs to sit in my brain before I can talk about it.  

Should be a nice weekend.  The girls are coming over tomorrow for cosmos, pizza, ice cream and scary movies.  They are both spending the night so it'll be nice.  I'll probably work some to clear up next week for the new project.  I have resume work and three articles due for another client.  I'm realizing that I might become a workaholic if I weren't married or didn't like my husband. Cool

Heard from both guys yesterday.  They are traveling together with a few other friends of ours.  All is well and they made it to their final destination safely.  And my Brazil friend made it to the US safely and has been picked up in Reno by other friends of ours.  I sent a care package for him with the guys with all sorts of goodies...  oatmeal creme pies, twinkies and other American junk food. DH is bringing him home from BM so we'll have a few days together before he goes back to Brazil.  

Again... torn to be missing all the fun but I think I needed this alone time to mentally reset.  I don't know why but it's hard to do with DH around.  I'm also 10x cleaner when he's not here.  It's weird.   

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Fri, 08-22-2014 - 12:26pm

Fits and starts couldn't be more appropriate today! I have been trying to upload all my family photographs into online storage since yesterday afternoon and I've been having a fit over my iPhone uploads. It keeps stopping and starting and has been doing this for almost 24 hours. I should have done this years ago and wouldn't have so many but a recent scare made me realize I need to get his done NOW. 

We have heat warnings for the first time all summer that are going to continue through Monday which means I am going to have a very hot run this weekend. I am stepping back a bit so I'll only do 12-15 miles. I'm actually looking forward to it. I tackle the 20 miler next weekend so hopefully the weather will have cooled off a little bit. 

Hubby is off on the rare Sunday this weekend and we are having friends over so I have got some cleaning to do later on today. 

Hope everyone has a great weekend. 

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Fri, 08-22-2014 - 8:05pm
Karla, I find picture software incredibly frustrating....I don't know why...glad you are looking forward to your short 12-15 mile run! GR, I know whatever you decide to do with your hair will be fun and funky. Mine is blonde and the longest it has been in years, and I am loving it...FSN, I bet you are with your mom and daughter.. .have fun! I went on a cemetery walk today...I know that sounds weird, but the old cemeteries here are very historic and the woman who gives the tours is great. And it is the kind of thing that I think I want yo do and then I don't, so I am proud of myself for going. No gym today, but I am thinking that I need to really buckle down about the gym and food soon as my weight is going up and I know the only one who can fix it is me....