Flustered on Friday

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Flustered on Friday
Fri, 07-25-2014 - 11:34am

Wow, I'm really the first one here?  

Karla, I agree with the others that perhaps you may want to fight the re-categorization.  I think the others had some good suggestions.  In times like this, it doesn't hurt to get creative.  I know Phoenix has a community resources telephone line (probably a website at this point too).  You want to see if you have anything like that.  

Elc, we hit 116 in Phoenix yesterday.  Thankfully, I'm a ways out of town so it's usually at least 5 degrees cooler but still. It was windy too which just makes the outside feel like a hair dryer.  If it was like that for months on end, I think I would have moved by now.  It's tolerable up to 105.  Mind you, I'm not going to go sit outside in it or anything but it's doable.  I saw someone running yesterday around noon.  There's just no way I could do that.  

Jean, yeah, I've got some bruises from yesterday.  She did my forearms and those always bruise so easily.  

Happy, loving your updates!  Did you eat my chocolate croissant yet?  Cool

FSN, shoulders feeling any better?  

It's been a very busy morning here.  I didn't sleep very well possibly due to thinking about everything I had to do today.  I've been doing laundry, finishing my mani and generally cleaning up.  It's going to be a highly social weekend.  We're going to a birthday hotel party tonight, the fancy dinner that DH is making for me and few close friends is tomorrow night and I've decided we're going to eat it in our pajamas.  Sunday, we're going to some house of mirrors thing with a bunch of people.  Planning to do strength training this afternoon.  I have an article due Monday so I need to get on that and I also have resume work to do.  I got an order that requires a phone call which I'm dreading.  Phone calls pay really well but getting ahold of people is annoying.  And really, in general, people are annoying.  Wink