Frigid Friday

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Frigid Friday
Fri, 02-28-2014 - 8:14am

Let's try to straighten out the threads. I'm deleting this post and have copied and pasted it to fsn's for the day. Ignore this thread.

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Fri, 02-28-2014 - 8:27am

I am  not sure why, but I feel unusually happy this morning!  After posting yesterday morning, I saw that I had a meeting which prevented me from early morning yoga.  :(  I have multiple computers with multiple's a long story on why I have multiple calendars, but suffice it to say that I opted for a massage after work yesterday .  This masseuse also does Reiki, and although it sounded "hokey" to me, this is my second Reiki session (after the massage), and I do feel better.  :D

I have an early morning computer meeting, as a manager put me on a national committee to evaluate some technology something-or-other.  While that is going on, I will (finally) be getting snow tires.  Did I mention that my poor little car spins tires to get up small inclines in the snow, and we are expecting 8-10 inches this weekend?!  I work today, then travel to see my mother.  Tonight we go ballroom dancing, and tomorrow night, I see some baroque Viennese orchestra something.  It's so interesting because mom's friend is a retired music professor who explains the history and concepts of the music before we go.  It makes the event much more interesting.  I wasn't supposed to see my mom until next weekend, but I found a West Coast Swing class and intensive yoga class next weekend that I want to go to, so...  I also called the director of the indpendent living facility and he expressed concern over mom's memory lapses.  I got him to agree to go forward, and that we will take it "day by day."  The good news is that she is second on the waitlist, and if waitlist #1 rejects the unit, mom can take possession in two weeks.  I am hopeful, since she forgot where her tax attorney was located and had to come home (aka, I think she got lost.)  SJ, I keep trying to take over, but she refuses the help.  I appreciate your comments, as your sentiment is similar to what I am hearing from multiple sources (e.g., you will KNOW when it is time...)

So, I get to see my mom and daughter this weekend.  I am truly blessed.  I specificaly chose this job to have flexibility, and it helps that I can do this job AND take care of my family.  THAT is what is so important to me!