Happy Tree Through Roof Fourth!

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Happy Tree Through Roof Fourth!
Fri, 07-04-2014 - 8:28am

I don't think I ever started the daily thread before!  My brother called me at 7:00 am to tell me a tree went down in the terrible thunderstorms last night...right through the roof of my mother.'s house (we still own it). My nephew was in the house but thankfully, not hurt.  he sent me some pictures, and the branches cover the front of the house....the corner of the roof is pealed back...my brother and his wife and my nephews are dealing with all the cleanup (by calling professionals).  I feel a little guilty that I am not helping but really they do not need me, and since we are still expecting the rain from Arthur, I am best staying put.  Hopefully the roof will be tarped before the rain comes...it is still sunny here...the calm before the storm...I was going to run this morning, but since whenever I run, people tell me to be careful, I might settle for Jean's assurances that walking is just as good and limit myself to that.  Hope everyone else has a less dramatic day than mine!  Happy birthday America!

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Fri, 07-04-2014 - 9:45am

Happy, holy cow!  How scary for them!  I'm glad eveyrthing is okay.  You shouldn't feel guilty.  What would you do?  Tongue Out

We had our first monsoon last night - it was fabulous.  Lots of rain and lightening.  Because we live away from the city, we have an awesome view for storms.  DH, OP and I finished the second season of Orange is the New Black last night.  OP emailed me after we got home to tell me he almost hit Stuart on his way out (Stuart is the desert tortoise that lives in the wash near our house - he comes out when his home gets flooded.  I've posted pics of him on FB before).

It is a gleefully cloudy day and DH and I plugging away in our offices doing some work.  I'm doing laundry and going to give myself a manicure.  We'll probably take the afternoon off together.  Planning to do a strength workout.  Looking forward to tomorrow as we're taking a day trip up north with friends to visit an animal park (birthday thing #2... LOL).  

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Fri, 07-04-2014 - 4:28pm

Yikes, glad everyone is okay!  I agree w/ GR--what could you do if you were there?  Sounds like a good time to stay put.

It sounds like there were quite a few thunderstorms/lightening everywhere. We had quite a show last night, too.  But, it all cleared away the horrible muggy hot weather and now we're having perfect weather--sunny, breezy, warm. I had a great parkour class this morning, went to lunch w/ a friend and we're grilling tonight. Happy 4th everyone!

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Sat, 07-05-2014 - 3:22pm

Oh yikes SJ! I hope you have some good home owner's coverage. How did everything go with Arthur?

Gym, do you like Orange is the New Black? We are going to need a new series soon and have been hearing a lot of mixed reviews about it. 

Jean, how was your cookout?

We had a great 4th of July here. The weather couldn't have been bettter. In fact, they said it was the most beautiful 4th of July since they've been tracking the weather in this area. It was about 76 degrees with bright sunshine. 

I ran a 10K this morning in perfect running conditions and got my personal best! With an 8:21 a mile pace I completed the course in 51:55. I was so worried about the hill (over a mile downhill) but I could hear coaches calling out instructions for people (lot of clubs and cross-country teams) so I followed their advice and got down with no problems. My achilles is a bit sore now but all in all nothing serious. I am so happy about how I did. I felt great and at no time during the race was I huffing and puffing and thinking I might have to walk. Once I get more experience under my feet, I think I will be able to manage my pace better. I pushed myself but not as hard as I could have because I was unsure of the distance and didn't want to wind up completely used up before the finish line. I saw soooooooo many people walking the last half mile. I wasn't one of them-Whew!

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Sat, 07-05-2014 - 8:55pm

Karla, great job on the race! Good for you from benefitting from other people's coaching. We had a lot of wind and rain yesterday, but no damage at the Cape house...one tree through roof per weekend is enough! The tree was removed, cut up, and the rook tapped by 2:00 pm. Lots of work ahead though...an engineer is coming Mnday to assess...we are insured through Armed Forces affiliated insurance, so hopefully, they will treat us well. Today was picture perfect. I can hear fireworks going off in the distance, but not see them through the trees. I went to Zumba this morning and will go again tomorrow. I do love summer...

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Sun, 07-06-2014 - 9:47am

Holey (pun intended) house, Batman.  OMG...thank goodness noone is hurt.  I can't imagine dealing with that!  Good luck on the repairs, and I agree with GR, that sometimes, too many cooks in the kitchen is a bad thing, so don't feel guilty!  GR, do tell if you like "Orange is the New Black."  I think I should find a series that dh and I can watch together.  And, Karla, congratulations on a great run!  You sure did take to running quickly!  We had a very busy 4th of July - party in the early afternoon, band and fireworks with some other friends.  Saturday, we cleaned for the new carpet to be installed later this month.  So much work!

I am thinking that I have to find a new yoga studio.  They are doing way too many hot yoga classes, and the last one I did left me so exhausted that I was worthless for the rest of the day.  :(  I am so sad about it, but I will try it again this morning, and I will drink lots of water before, during, and after.  If I am too tired (I sweat a LOT), I will have to find another gym.  :O