Let's go Tuesday!

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Let's go Tuesday!
Tue, 04-08-2014 - 7:03am

Still deciding on the gym but it felt really meaningless yesterday to work out and not be having fun.  I do like the feeling of having worked hard-ish.  So today's schedule is step and yoga.  Trying to get psyched about it.  I need to find a workout where I'm learning something. If the local krav maga place had classes at a good time, I'd consider that.  The parkour gym got rid of their fitness person so I might go back to their fitness classes.  I'm not into the one rep max and don't get the point of it other than ego so I hated the class.

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Tue, 04-08-2014 - 7:18am

Eegads...it's SPRING, and my ears and throat are itching like CRAZY!  Gotta find some loratidine!  I am exhausted from working with my manager, and I have to do it again today.  My partner explained to me that it's because I have to be careful of my "filter" of not saying much to him for fear that he will use it against me, and that is true.  He was really complementary all day which is a remarkable change.  I had a specialist also tell him how lucky my company is to have me, and that I always get access to the office, whereas other reps do not.  I was embarrassed by how much she said, and it was interesting as my manager had NO COMMENTS to me about it afterwords.  Whatever.  I know he heard it, and that is all that matters...the truth.

One more day with my manager of being careful of my "filter."  :D  If I am not too tired, I MIGHT go linedanccing tonight, but I doubt it.  I teach my customer/gf linedancing tomorrow night, so I may take today as another rest day for my emotional well being.  :D

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Tue, 04-08-2014 - 9:17am

Jean, I think it's so awesome that you play so much.  Not enough adults (especially adults with kids) do that.  

FSN, what a wonderful compliment.  I hear ya on the allergies... 

The pollen here has been record high too.  I had the thought this morning that the nausea/throwing up might be from "pleghm collection" in my stomach in the nighttime.  It's really only mornings that I feel bad.  The upside is that despite the pollen being what it is, I am not sneezing my head off nor have I rubbed my nose skin raw from blowing.  Yay allergy shots!  

I had a massive migraine yesterday but feel much better today.  My mood has also been crappy but it's starting to pick up.  I have a girlfriend who lives in Austrailia who is coming to the states in July.  She's asked if I would want to meet her in Vegas.  He!!s yes!  I haven't seen her in quite a few years and she's coping with a personal tragedy so it would be nice to have some girly time in one of my favorite cities.  

No workout today.  Working this morning and going out this afternoon to get my allergy shot.   

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Tue, 04-08-2014 - 1:45pm

{{ACHOO}} Throw me in the allergy group too. My throat is scratchy and itchy and my eyes and nose are watering. I take Nasonex for allergies and normally it works just great but it is not doing the job right now. I just bought my husband some Claritin and it seems to be working for him so I may switch. It looks like spring allergies are off to a great start this year. 

Gym, we were discussing going to Las Vegas this year. I love the beach but we are considering trying something different and Las Vegas is on the short list. 

No exercise for me today. I have both my baby grandkids today. One mommy has a test to take at school and the other has my oldest granddaughter at a brain specialist. There are 4 sticky hands trying to help me type right now. :-)

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Tue, 04-08-2014 - 3:18pm

FSN, I can imagine it being exhausting having to be careful of what you say. It's being on the edge the whole time.  Yikes. I have no filter.  Good thing I'm no longer corporate.

GR, "I think it's so awesome that you play so much.  Not enough adults (especially adults with kids) do that" is a real compliment coming from you. You're the master. I was thinking the other day that my life is about all play. Possibly need to grow up some, at least enough to do laundry before my trip to NYC.

Karla, will your vacation be in the summer? I'd want to go to Las Vegas any time but then!  But, how fun! Have you been before?