Let's Make It a Terrific Tuesday

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Let's Make It a Terrific Tuesday
Tue, 04-22-2014 - 7:20am

Ready to start the day!  I went to aerial silks last night, last minute decision w/ my daughter and had the best time. I need to commit to doing it more often because it makes a big difference. I did it Thursday, Sat and last night and it all came back. I'm annoyed because they've come up w/ a testing system at the gym for it and I really don't want to test. But, if I test I can do open gym (the irony being I was already given permission to do open gym before they came up w/ this new system).  I'm guessing silks is bad for the shoulder I hurt while skiing but I'm avoiding moves that might aggravate it further.  With my loose joints, there's a good chance that it's just not good for me overall... I have a couple of clients today and am taking it easy otherwise.  I haven't done any intense cardio in a while and am wondering if I should or not.  Other than wanting to be in that type of shape (like Insanity), I don't think there's a reason to do it these days.  

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Tue, 04-22-2014 - 10:19am

Jean, sounds like a great time with your daughter!  

My diganosis was spot on - it's bronchitis.  The doc is a little concerned about pneumonia so if I don't feel any better in the next couple of days, i have to get an xray.  I have antibiotics and an additional inhaler for the chest tightness.  

I'm not supposed to work out for at least the rest of the week so I'll be taking it easy.  I've got my client this morning and I usually see OP on Tuesdays but I'm not sure what we're doing yet.  

My fur-kid gave me a scare yesterday.  He was walking sideways and seeming disoriented.  Turns out he was dehydrated.  That little bugger... several times now, I think... it this it?  Are we there?  And he turns out to have a very minor issue.  

I got a bit of a promotion yesterday with the resume company.  I'm now receiving orders from some of their external partners and those jobs pay more.  Kinda cool.  

Slept good and my mood is somewhat better although I'm working through some issues with best friend and that's always kind of stressful.  Oy. 

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Tue, 04-22-2014 - 11:06am

Jean, glad you had a good time with your daughter. I haven't been to Insanity or Cross fit for a while because I am thinking along the same lines as you. I do a lot of cardio but I just can't handle "intensity" right now. I keep wondering if I am getting lazy. I think that is why suddenly I love running again. I can just relax and mosey along at my own pace and I know I am getting in a good cardio workout. 

Gym-take it easy if there is any concern at all about pneumonia. Yikes I had that once and it was horrible to overcome. 

Fresh-I hear you on the allergies. I have to spit so much while running that I feel sorry for the people that run with me and have to listen to me. lol 

I am taking it easy today. My feet and legs are a little sore from my mileage, I have a toenail that is irritated, and somehow I got a slight sunburn despite the fact I was wearing a sport 50+ sunscreen. However, I am NOT complaining about all the sunshine I have been soaking in for the past few days. :-) 

After my run on Sunday I think I am about ready for a half-marathon. My original plans had my running a half this past weekend so I am not too far off my goal despite the achilles injury. I am looking around at possibly running one next month. 

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Tue, 04-22-2014 - 10:07pm
Jean, to answer yesterday's question, I bought my shoes at the end of last summer. I doubt I run five miles a week, so I am not close on mileage, and I. Mostly run on a treadmill so I don't have the road issues. But I wear them for lifting and sometimes for Zumba..I have other Zumba shoes but I don't always change them out of me bag, so my running shoes do all the work. My foot that it broke always feels 'tight' in running shoes..and I feel like I walk a little on the side of my foot to compensate...the shoes feel like they are worm down on one side. My shoes on the Cape, which I bought the same time but have not worn much, didn't have that feeling...thus I think I need new shoes...GR, does your cat contribute to your allergies? I have pretty well controlled allergies, I take Zyrtec year round, and I an be in the room with a cat, but I resist touching them...and is wear cats know this, because cats who people assure me never go near people come and settle on my lap. My brother has an awesome cat...she is a little like a dog because she will follow them around, always wants to sit with me...she is. The nicest cat I know, but if I 'pet' her, I do it with my feet/socks, and I wash my hands if I touch her. Jean, the Women Marathon winners were I such amazing shape...I have new rand will never be there, but iwas envious...Karla, the Marathon has been amazing for such a long time...I still remember the first. Time I. Went...they used to. End at the Prudential building, and the runners got a bowl of beef stew when they finished. In the 1980's, when John Hancock took over the sponsorship, they. Moved the finish line up Boylston Street to end closer to Hancock. Iwas working for them then,and volunteered the first year...one of only a few....we got beautiful jackets (as volunteers still do today) and had a pRty afterwards at the Copley Plaza that included lobster ( the only year that happened!). Over the years, I had many assignments at the finish line...water, food, wrapping runners in blankets made of foil, returning baggage to runners that was. Hacked in Hopkinton. It was always a great day. One year, I even attended the VIP brunch and sat in the viewing stands. Sometimes, when I. Think about my life, I can't believe the wonderful experiences I've had! FSN, that is too bad about your daughter...there is some saying about the serpent's tooth and an ungrateful child....the fun of doing for others includes anticipating their reaction, and it is disappointing when you don't get it. It was warm here today...I went to the gym to lift, which I did for chest/back, and my favorite Zumba teacherwasxubbing, so I took. The class. I planned to swim, but I was in the mood for Zumba...I fit in 10 minutes on bike and abs.
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Wed, 04-23-2014 - 7:01am

You should be fine in your shoes.  Maybe next time get fitted, if you didn't this time, for how you run if you're wearing one side down more than the other. Most of us do that.  And, if you get fitted, they might be able to get shoes that fit the foot that you broke better.  

Volunteering at an event like the Boston Marathon would be awesome. I should do it more often.  This sounds stupid but I feel so lazy when I'm there volunteering and think I should be running. But, at Boston that wouldn't be a possibility so I could help and not feel that way.