more rain on Tuesday

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more rain on Tuesday
Tue, 07-08-2014 - 7:46am

Wow!  The summer weather is so different!  Our grass and potted planters are lush with growth, but our vegetable garden has netted only one green pepper and one tomoto because of the cooler temperatures.  I had a "d'oh" moment last night when I realized Orange is the New Black is a netflix series.  My bad.  DH continues to be on the prowl for a new house closer to his office...which, by the way, is closer to where I used to live. 

I wanted to go linedancing tonight, but both of my dance friends are laid up with other things.  Since I have a massage appointment scheduled for Thursday, I am contemplating a lap swim on Wednesday...I just don't know if I should push my luck since my shoulder has been feeling better.  We shall see.  I take my car into the shop this morning since someone hit it in a parking lot, then tons of work.  What are you all up to?

GR, I miss having a good series...I will have to contemplate a netflix account...I take it you like netflix?  Karla, kudos on the running...are your injuries staying at bay?  SJ, omg on the fire...that is so dangerous!  I love your book introduction for your France trip!  I guess Jean is enjoying her time with her daughter...they grow up so quickly!

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Tue, 07-08-2014 - 9:23am

FSN, it's a always a tough call with injuries, isn't it?  We used to have Netflix but don't anymore.  We found the selection disappointing and ultimately cancelled our account.  I have Amazon Prime (mostly for shipping) but the access to content too is kind of nice.    

I've got work this morning and then heading over to OP's to dye his hair.  He likes to use henna so it's a process.  Not sure what else I'll do today.  I'll try to get my pics from the weekend on FB.  

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Tue, 07-08-2014 - 11:33am

Do I dare admit we have Netlfix and Amazon Prime? lol I got Amazon Prime for the shipping and didn't even realize what all it came with until several months after I had enrolled. We primarily use Netflix right now because the interface is much easier to use than the Amazon Prime. 

Fresh, my running injuries are not horrible at the moment. My achilles is acting up but I believe it's because I ran so hard downhill in that 10K I did this weekend. I have rolled it and have taken a few days off and it's already almost back to normal. And my toenail fell off on Sunday but I had the doc check it out today (had to go just for a check up) and she said it looked totally normal. 

So I went in for a well check and the doc says I am in perfect health for my age. My BP is 110/70 and I have no health issues other than allergies. My weight matches my height and my doc talked to me in depth over my training and gave me the all clear for marathon training. 

Speaking of weight, did I tell you that my sister and I laughed ourselves silly on Saturday over our weight. We decided to try to take a place at the starting line of the race so we wouldn't get caught up in "traffic" at the first turn. Most of the runners in the first few rows were young collegiate athletes and we both felt like overweight giants compared to them. It was really quite funny to realize that I was bigger and heavier than even most of the MEN at the starting line. We could have easily plowed people over so we were both laughing and joking about who we were going to run over first. lol Seriously though, it was almost scary how thin most of the top runners were. Many didn't look like a healthy weight at all. 

No running today. I'm going to give my achilles another day to rest and just lift weights today. 

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Tue, 07-08-2014 - 8:54pm
GR, I am surprised you don't give all your guys purple would all stand out in a crowd :). Karla, that is funny about your 'run down the other runners' plan. I think I have lost sight of what a normal weight looks like...everyone seems over or under to me. FSN, I read about a lot of violence in archaic ago last weekend...hope that is not near your loved ones. I had a great day today. My volunteer project is going well. If you would like to see my/their website (not totally done) I am still working on content and format, and I would love feedback on how it could be better...even though it may take me a while to learn how to do it. I went to Zumba at the end of the day. Home tomorrow for a few days.