Moving it to Thursday

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Moving it to Thursday
Thu, 07-31-2014 - 8:24am

I need to get my act together and pack for our trip!  It's a short one so I haven't planned anything.  It's still beautiful here!  I hope it gets better for those of you getting hit w/ a lot of heat.  I'm planning on going to parkour and then parkour conditioning tonight. So the hardest part of going to work out in the evenings is getting dinner on the table. My husband has been doing it but I feel bad having him come home from work and also have to make dinner.  In the winter, we do crock pot meals but they're too hot for the summer. What do you all do?

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Thu, 07-31-2014 - 9:26am
Jean, I cook one day ahead most of the time. I share a lot of my meals with my is way more fun to cook for someone who appreciates the results than just to cook for myself, and because he eats very healthily it forces me to do the same. I also like it because things don't have to be done at the same time, which I think is the tough part of cooking. And my dinner is ready to go in the microwave when I walk in the door, which means I don't have the excuse of going out to dinner or getting takeout simply because there is nothing to eat at my house. I am a night person, so I usually cook around 7:00 to 9:00 pm, but you could do it during the day. One night a week, I make soup and usually some kind of bread. That makes good lunches for me all week too. Another night, I make some kind of salad - chicken, shrimp, tuna, and potato or pasta salad, and usually cookies. In the winter, I made a pasta dish one night a week, and with that we would have salad and rolls. One night a week I make a meat/potato/vegetable meal, and with those I try to have a green and a yellow vegetable. Sometimes I make quiche...I use the bisquick recipe and it is so simple and yummy. I would have salad and rolls with that too. And I make stir fries with lots of veggies and chicken or shrimp, over either noodles or rice. Occasionally, I make pudding, but usually I include fresh fruit for dessert. If I cook three meals to share with him, it pretty much gives me six meals because I will have the same thing twice.
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Thu, 07-31-2014 - 11:45am

Ooh, those all sound good.  Planning ahead is going to be the key.  I'm fine w/ simple but my husband likes a meal, hot preferably. Maybe that's why he ends up cooking. Your trainer is really lucky!  I'm just happy when my clients show up on time.

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Thu, 07-31-2014 - 12:09pm

Good morning all. Jean, I plan my meals in advance so the first person to get home does the cooking. Conveniently my 15 year old daughter now does a lot of it. 

Gym, ugg on the cysts. I had both my ovaries removed from tumors over the course of a few years but I spent most of my adult life dealing with painful cysts. I'm thinking that often I was treated with some sort of hormone regimen but can't remember the details. I was 28 years old and 6 months pregnant when I had my first ovary removed. 

SJ, you do a lot of classes, have you ever tried PiYo? My gym is going to start it later this fall. It sounds like something I might like but I'm just curious if anyone has tried it. 

Fresh, I feel so very guilty right now. My mother bought me a very expensive vacuum cleaner. I've been huffy with her lately over how often she calls me and yesterday she pestered me and pestered me to come over because she needed something moved and when I got there it was a box for me she wanted moved. Ugg. 

I did it. I picked my target marathon and made my hotel reservations. I'm going to do the entire experience. I'm signed up for the expo, the pasta dinner the night before, shuttle to and from race site, and cookout party afterwards. It is expected to draw a big crowd because of the scenic nature and fairly flat course. This may be my only marathon so I am going to do the whole shmoo. I'm a little intimidated that in the past few years there only about a dozen or less 50+ year old women each year sign up. I would have thought there would be far more. There is a maximum time of 6 hours allowed. I'm sure that even at this point in my training I could do it in 6 hours and that would be walking quite a bit of it. 

I have an appointment on Saturday to meet with a marathon coach, be fitted for shoes and get a plan according to where I am at now. I spent the evening looking through marathon training plans and my head was spinning by the end of the night. My only goal for a marathon is to finish, not be injured, and to enjoy it. While I want to be well prepared, I don't want to lose my motivation by letting things get to complicated or pushy. 

My running stats for July: 128.5 miles (9:45 pace);20:54:26 hours; 12,964 calories burned;PR 10K- 51:55

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Thu, 07-31-2014 - 5:09pm

I'm impressed that your 15 year old is making dinner. Mine would have no idea what to do.  I put it to both my kids to get dinner one night a week, take out or whatever and they only did it once.  Congrats on signing up for the marathon!  It's smart to do the whole experience so you don't have to worry about the logistics. You'll have enough on your mind. Who is doing it w/ you?  Oh the six hour limit will be a piece of cake for you.  I'm super slow, had a long bathroom break (those portapotty lines can be so slow!) and was still just over 4 1/2 hours.  Good luck! i can't wait to hear about the training. When is the marathon?

LOL, I had to chuckle about the vacuum cleaner. It sounds like something I'd do!

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Thu, 07-31-2014 - 6:20pm

Ooooohhhh.  My post vanished from this morning!  We have been eating very light - salads with a small protein (fish, steak, sausage, etc.).  It's too warm outside to turn on the oven, although dh is broiling lambchops tonight.  DH cooks more than I do.  :O

Jean, I love your office, although it looks more like something from the Grey series.  :P  GR, Lady Gaga...I love her songs, and we even linedance to a few of them.  SJ, you are so kind to your trainer and he is lucky to have such an appreciative cllient.  Karla, you are awesome for doing a took to running like a fish takes to water!  EL, I am so envious of your swimming!  As for lap counting, I usually do 4 laps swimming, 4 laps with kickboard, so it helps me remember how many "cycles" I have done without counting individual laps.

I have so much work to do.  But, I think I'm going to two hours of yoga tonight - one hour of regular yoga, and one hour of yin (stretching.)  I guess I better eat something.  I might even take the pup for a walk.  :)