SJ's Last Day of Work Friday

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SJ's Last Day of Work Friday
Fri, 04-11-2014 - 7:39am

AAaaaahhhh...that sounds wonderful!  To leave the stressful work environment for peaceful retirement.  :)  DH and I have been dreaming, looking at properties on zillow. 

Back to the today, pack, finish daughter's taxes, travel to see my mom and daughter.  Ballroom dancing tonight, errands for mom tomorrow, fundraiser tomorrow night, travel back home Sunday.  All in a weekend's work.  I missed linedancing this week.  I will have to make room for it next week!

Karla, you look SO BUSY with your grandkids!  GR, I am imagining that you are relaxing, away from the crowds right about now.  Jean, I am picturing you hanging upside down in silks.  SJ, this must be quite an emotional day/time in your life...try to enjoy each moment!  ELC, any biking today or is the rain coming down?  We expect 60+ degree weather today, and snow on Monday.  :P

Have a great weekend everyone!

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Fri, 04-11-2014 - 9:10am

You've got a great memory--I knew sj was retiring soon but couldn't have told you when. I hope you're enjoying a great last day of work, SJ!  I had a good silks lesson yesterday but was tired from too much working out this week, post ski season.  I'm off to coffee and then parkour. I'll be gone for a few days to NYC w/ my daughter.  Hmmm, I have such a tough life...

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Fri, 04-11-2014 - 10:19am

Happy last day SJ!  Enjoy it.  When you're ready, hit me up and I can give you some tips on freelancing stuff.  

Jean, enjoy the time in New York!  

FSN, looking at properties online is both fun and dangerous.  Wink

Another late night last night and I've got a bit of an Ambien hangover this morning.  But it was fun and nice to see friends.  It was kind of cool to have an entire bar full of people I know and could hug at will.  Not sure about working out today.  I was going to play it by ear and see how the tummy does.  At a minimum, I think I will do some stretching and rolling.  The social continues...  we're having a small-ish dinner tonight for OP's birthday.  DH also filled out whatever paperwork required by the state because he wants to shop at Restaurant Depot so I think we're going to go there before dinner.  Tomorrow is OP's "official" birthday party and he's hosting an astronomy party.  He bought a fancypants telescope and has been doing a lot of sky viewing since moving up near me.  And then...  I'm going to avoid people until next Thursday (because I have another concert).  DH is out of town next weekend so that'll give me some me-time.  

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Fri, 04-11-2014 - 11:43am

Woohoo-congrats to SJ! It's funny that she is retiring and I am looking around with the hopes of starting something new. 

Fresh, we had a wild day yesterday. I had all the grands plus my sister's grands when my oldest granddaughter had what appeared to be several seizures. Her mother, who was in the middle of preparing food for a wedding (she does catering) rushed over to get her and Mommy and other grandmother drove her to the children's hospital about 1.5 hours away with lights flashing and horns honking. I told them to call the police and get an escort but they were too freaked out because gd was just sort of limp and not talking. Once the dust settled down and my sister got her grandkids and my daughter went to school to take a lab test, hubby and I had the two grandbabies to deal with. I don't know how I used to do it. I can't manage the two babies without help right now. One crawls and the other doesn't yet. When one cries, they both do. lol My daughter walked in and saw us feeding the babies dinner and she snapped a photo as hubby was complaining about what happened to our empty nest. 

So in the meantime, the docs still don't know what is wrong with my granddaughter. She is having a team eval today. They know something is wrong but can't figure it out. It may all boil down to the placement of her new brain shunt. They may have to go in and move it. It's just a mess. In the meantime she is supposed to be the flower girl in a wedding tomorrow. If she doesn't have brain surgery today, the doc may let her go home to be in the wedding if she appears to be stable again. 

If all goes well I intend to run later this afternoon. I am supposed to help with the babies at the wedding tomorrow so I won't get to run tomorrow. We too are supposed to be having 70+ degrees this weekend then possible snow flurries on Monday. Crazy stuff!

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Fri, 04-11-2014 - 10:49pm
Ladies, thank you so much! After a very emotional few days/weeks, it was so nice to see the thread title and read all your good wishes! This feels like a beginning to me whatever is next in my life. Not sure what it will be, but I know God is not finished with me yet. My work colleagues surprised me yesterday with a party that took place in five locations...connected by video...Boston, New York, New Jersey, London, and Krakow...I had to sit down, I was shaking...people said very kind things, and they and I told some stories. And there was cake. And cards. And presents...I am sure that I made the right decision but I am also glad to know that I touched many lives. What people said gave me good insights into myself which wil be helpful going forward. And today was the hardest...people dropping by to say good bye...but I made it through without sobbing...many tears, but no sobs. I went to the gym yesterday and this afternoon to lift, which always grounds me...ran yesterday, swam today. Then my brother and his family came with champagne and flowers and we went to our favorite pizza place and to a Celtics game, which they actually won. It was a perfect last day. In my mind, Monday is the first day of my new life...and I am so excited to start it. Karla, I hope the doctors find the solution to your granddaughter. I am sure your grand mothering and grandfathering are extremely helpful right now. FSN, enjoy your three generation weekend! Jean, have fun in is such a fun city. GR, I like the picture of you hugging everyone in the bar! Thanks again ladies, you made me feel special!