slow Moving Monday

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slow Moving Monday
Mon, 07-07-2014 - 9:09am

Phew...what a whirlwind weekend.  I got so much done!  I cleaned my craft room and my clothes closet so that the carpet can be taken up for the installers, cleaned the house, did hot yoga, went to a couple parties, grocery shopped, and talked to my mom and daughter due to moving logistics.  I need a weekend to recover from my weekend.  lol.

I drank LOTS prior to yoga, during yoga, and after yoga.  This hot yoga is "for the birds."  I was so embarrassed because the instructor did shoulder presses during shivasana (sp?), and I was SOAKED, so her hands must have been drenched in my sweat.  YUCK.  Oh well.  Perhaps I CAN get through hot yoga with three hand towels that were soaked by the end of class.  I did see many of the women toweling off after class, so maybe I am not the only one.

Work today...I am getting "closed out" from my prior employer today.  I am a little sad...11 years with that company, and I don't like the new one.  Retirement sounds nice right about now.  :)  SJ, I am jealous!!!

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Mon, 07-07-2014 - 9:53am

DH, OP and I LOVE Orange is the New Black.  (The book that inspired the series is a great read too.)  I will warn you all that has some rather graphic scenes (and language) so if that bothers you, you might  not enjoy it as much as we did.  Finished the series last week and I'm sad we have to wait a whole year for the next one.  

Fargo is also excellent and we finished that recently too.  Again, it's a bit on the edgy side and rather dark but it is fantastic.  

DH and I recently finished a sci-fi series called Orphan Black and that is wonderful.  I don't often enjoy sci-fi but this was a really interesting story and a good mix of drama and humor.  Highly recommend.  

We had a lovely weekend.  Did absolutely nothing for the 4th and didn't even stay up to see fireworks.  We did a road trip on Saturday to an animal park a few hours north of Phoenix and it was absolutely gorgeous weather.  I've got pics I will put on FB when I have time.  We intended to eat dinner in town but there was a fatal accident on the highway back into town.  When that happens, the freeway shuts down and there is nothing to do but wait.  So, at the first opportunity, we went another 40 minutes west and had dinner in a nearby town.  We discovered a really neat local brewery and had a very lovely dinner.  It was definitely an adventure.  

Today, I've got tons of work - three articles due on Wednesday and a bunch of resumes to do.   Monsoons have started and aside from the heat, it's one of my favorite times of year.  I love our summer storms.  Planning to do strength training.  

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Mon, 07-07-2014 - 12:19pm
In addition to the wind and rain that landed a tree on the house on Thursday, last night the fireworks near my brother's house set fire to the grass on the sister in law and nephew were watching, but fortunately from a different beach...and no one was hurt..but wind, rain, fire...I expect locusts next....Jean, I went to a Bosu ball class this morning and thought of you. I cannot stand on the ball, so I was doing the low level variations...and I was still dripping sweat at the end...and the room was not overly warm....FSN, it seems odd to me that your yoga studio would add hot yoga in the January, yes, but not July....hopefully you are complaining to the management (who probably ignore you but still). GR, sounds like your adventure was an adventure. Karla, are you done feeding your family and the neighborhood?...New development on my trip to France. The friend's brother who is going with us is a former FBI agent now doing relief/missionary work in Africa. Two of his friends are joining the trip...we don't know if they are missionary friends or FBI friends...I feel like it is the beginning of a joke...three missionaries, 2 army officers, one retired lady went to France....I think we will qualify for group rates where ever we go...
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Mon, 07-07-2014 - 12:51pm

I am exhausted! My house is an absolute mess as well as the yard, garage, etc. Ugg. I love holiday get togethers but hate the clean up afterwards. 

SJ, one year while we were at the beach someone caught the dunes on fire with fireworks and a huge section of beach houses had to be evacuated immediately.  People were running up the beach banging on doors and windows and screaming fire. Most people were in bed because it happened about 2 AM and the sight you saw when you opened your eyes and looked out was horrible. The smoke and flames were so high and it was spreading so fast it was terrifying. Most men were out in full force throwing sand and water on the fire trying to contain it until the fire department got there while women were dragging children and the elderly out to parking lots on the other side of the beach. It was probably one of the most excitingly scary things I've ever been part of. 

Gym, I'll have to check out Orange is the New Black when we get done with Sons of Anarchy. lol

Fresh, people got fed up with my gym for all the hot yoga and they finally listened and stopped it.  People were too afraid to complain at first but once someone did, they came out of the woodwork. 

I am not running for a few days. The little bit of soreness in my achilles at the race has turned into full blown pain. My legs, especially my calves, are screaming at me from that downhill run. I knew I was going to pay for it and I was right, I am. 

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