Starting on a high Wednesday

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Starting on a high Wednesday
Wed, 08-27-2014 - 7:44am

I went to the parkour conditioning class yesterday and then stayed for the regular class because there were only two other women and they both do silks so it was a fun group. It's fun to be able to keep up w/ the young boys but sometimes all that energy gets to be too much, and scary.  So, this was an awesome group.  I'll be sexist and say that w/ women/girls, there's a mindfulness to the movement and it's much softer and catlife. With a lot of guys (the beginners for the most part), it's bruite force and power.  The movement can be bone jarringly hard, or sound like it.   And these other women are really fit and strong, we can do pull ups, etc and all so it moved at a good pace.  One of the women is the new gymnastics coach there and she told me I inspire her because I make it look so easy.  What's really cool is that it wasn't at all related to age which it always is when people compliment me there (basically comes down to, "You're really good for an old lady!" though no one says that exactly).  And, I was better at the conditioning than the young guys so now I'm on a high.

I'm going to the old people parkour class this morning, silks tonight and hoping to bake a batch of cookies for a couple of the instructors who are so patient with me and my whiining.  What are you all up to?

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Wed, 08-27-2014 - 9:42am

Jean I will be glad to get back to classes at my gym because I am missing the fun of hanging out with other women and goofing off getting fit in a not so serious way. I am 30 days out from my marathon and this is peak week for me. I am tired but not injured other than some heavy duty blisters and another toenail about to come off. I am pretty much dealing with just skinjuries. Almost every other woman in the training group is dealing with heavy duty chaffing from their bras and I am so thankful I am not dealing with that too.

I have been reading some hilarious blogs about other people's first marathon experiences. lol When people tell you to be prepared for anything, they aren't kidding. 

I have a short run planned for today and I am going to run it on the treadmill. It is going to be 94 degrees today and the heat only adds to my blister situation. My feet are healing nicely but I want to give them a few more days to recover before I tackle a 20 mile run. I can't believe I am already at this point in the training plan. When I first started I was very intimidated by the mileage and couldn't imagine how I was going to do it but here I am. :-)

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Wed, 08-27-2014 - 10:09am

Jean, sounds like a great class!  

Karla, I SO know the toenails falling off.  There was a point when I was doing a lot of hiking that I considered having them removed.  But.... pedicures are a decent way to cover up abused feet.  You're gonna do great.  

I'm doing cardio this morning, working and then getting my allergy shots and meeting aunt-in-law for lunch.  

Feeling a little bit frustrated with DH this morning.  He was tasked with a surprise for OP yesterday and I haven't heard anything about it so I'm thinking he forgot.  Frown  I also haven't spoken to him since he left and I asked OP yesterday if he was alright (OP has sat internet set up for checking on his business so we've been emailing fairly frequently).  I had sent DH the pic I put on FB last week of the screw that went through my flip-flop.  He replied to that and said "Yeah, that could have been bad."  I am not expecting a tome or anything but geeze.  

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Wed, 08-27-2014 - 4:00pm

That's exactly what I've missed, Karla--the hanging out w/ other women and goofing off but pushing each other, too. Women are just far more complimentary than young boys.  LOL, I've never heard of "skinjuries" but I love it. I'm going to start using it since that's what I deal with mostly.

GR, did I miss the story about the screw through the flip flop?  That could have been painful! 

I'm officially wiped out now. I had no energy for class this morning and it was just me.  I can't remember the last time I had a rest day but I'm so looking forward to my massage tomorrow!

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Wed, 08-27-2014 - 5:29pm

I know what you mean about brute force.  When I did a windsuring class, the instructor said that men generally try to pull up the sail with all of the water in it which exhausts them, compared to women who generally let the water slide out of the surf.  :O  And it's nice to get a complement now and then, as we are all our worst critics!  Karla, I can't believe how quickly you took to running a duck in the water!!!  Good luck on your long run AND the marathon!  GR, don't you think that communication with an SO goes in and out like the tide?!  Sometimes, you are in synch, and other times you are not.  Perhaps he is just being on his own, "getting it out of his system," and he will be refreshed when he comes home?

I left the house super early this morning for a breakfast meeting with a customer.  Ugh.  I don't even get credit for him because my employer makes the rules that way.  :(  Whatever.  It's a job, and I am trying to do "what's right."  I also made an appointment for my first private lesson with a ballroom dance instructor.  She comes to me with high accolades.  I don't know to what end I am taking dance classes, but all I know is that I LOVE dance.  I am also going linedancing tonight at the "old place," for a change of pace.

Life is GRAND.  Do something that makes you smile.  :D