stormy Tuesday

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stormy Tuesday
Tue, 07-01-2014 - 7:08am

Wow.  More lightening and tornado warnings/watches last night!  I have one dog in a thunder shirt cowering to the interior, and the other who stands in the doorway with sideways rain hitting him in the face while he is he cannot decide if he is going outside or not.  DD helped me go through my wardrobe and donate about 20% of my clothes and shoes.  My frugal side still wants to sell those things on ebay, but the practical side knows that I have too much to do to spend time on ebay.  Oh, it was so nice to go to yoga last night with dd.  I really enjoy her company!  My mom is moving today so I called her last night to wish her well...I tried to reassure her that no matter what, everything would be ok, that nothing was permanent, and if anything goes wrong, it can be fixed/adjusted.

Work today, support group later (?), at lunch I drive dd to the genius bar since she spilled water on her laptop and then she goes home on the bus, and then I continue working.

Karla, you most definitely are a runner with all of those miles logged, as well as your personal bests!  And your grandson is so dang cute!  Did he do that frosting himself or did he have help?  Jean, how was silks?  Do you use rasin (?) to keep your hands dry?  GR, how do you like your solar panels?  And, overall, how do you like writing as a career?  SJ, how long are you going to France, are you going solo, and what kind of itinerary are you planning?  DH is trying to talk me into a family trip to France next year.  :O

Have a great day, everyone!

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Tue, 07-01-2014 - 8:01am

I'm glad you listened to your daughter on the clothes!  I've never resold anything. I decided it's better to donate and take the eax deduction than to spend all that time/energy reselling.  I think the difference isn't big once you take your time into consideration. 

Silks was really fun last night but parkour was frustrating. I used to be able to walk the rails (both on hands and crawling w/ feet and hands) really easily but I couldn't get it last night.  I haven't done it since last fall and it's surprising how quickly you lose it.  I might do parkour conditioning class but this is the class that was way too easy last week so I'm on the fence. The instructor is in great shape. At the same time, they do parkour well but they're not certified in group ex.  I guess it's no different from instructors in other sports.

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Tue, 07-01-2014 - 8:22am

Fresh we are waiting for the storms today. I'll be glad though because they say the weather will be a little cooler for the next couple of days from them. The humidity has been horrible this past week. My grandson had no help at all with his frosting. This is how he got it all over himself....LOL

Jean, most of the people who teach classes at my gym have group certification but on occasion they will hire a really zealous member to teach something and you can usually tell they have no group experience because the class is either way too easy or impossibly hard. 

SJ, I got two cross-fit bathing suits from TYR for the beach this year and they arrived yesterday and I love them. They fit great and I can really move in them without worrying about becoming a flasher. I absolutely hate bathing suit shopping but saw these on Amazon and decided to give them a try and shockingly they are going to work out for me. 

Rest day for me again. It's been a long time since I've taken two rest days in a row but we are expecting storms and I have to work at the pawn shop this evening so I'm going to exercise my mind instead. ;-)

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Tue, 07-01-2014 - 9:11am

I'm envious of all of your storms!  

FSN, for pete's sake, go to France!  Wink  Glad you enjoyed your time with DD.  We aren't enjoying the solar panels just yet.  There's a whole process to getting switched over so perhaps within a week?  I do like writing as a career although I was realizing just yesterday that perhaps more than writing, I like working from home and NOT HAVING APPOINTMENTS.  I mean, I still have a plethora of appointments but much fewer now that I don't see any clients except for the one.    

Karla, that picture is so adorable!  

Jean, the fact that you continue to attend classes even if you haven't done a particular move in a while is so awesome.  

I'm planning to do some cardio intervals today.  Working this morning and going to OP's later on today.  

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Tue, 07-01-2014 - 6:50pm
We had a beautiful summer day here...according to me, who likes hot and humid...I lifted at 11, then went to the gym's first ever Aqua Zumba was taught by my favorite Zumba instructor, and he had a lot of his Zumba regulars...and the two women who teach water aerobics also came, which I thought was really nice. It was a preface day for the class..the pool water was a good temperature...but is really too deep for the was a little like treading water to music, but still fun. I then swam 30 laps outside, which is the equivalent of 60 inside. Plus some sun bathing...FSN, Jean, there are 8 of us going to brother's family, and one of his friend's nephew who is 16 is the youngest. We are starting in London, but going directly to Portsmouth England, where we spend one night. We are then going by ferry to Caen, in Normandy...on the ferry, we will 'recreate the D Day invasion'. This is our own plan, the ferry company doesn't know this. My job was to find memoirs of soldiers and sailors on the boats, and I found an awesome website. We spend two days in Normandy, touring the beaches, cemeteries, memorials, then train to Paris for a few days. We will probably do the top touristy things in Paris. Then we travel to the north of a France for a tour of WWI battlefields, ending with a ceremony in honor of the division my brother commanded - during WWI they fought in France under Douglas McArthur. Then back to Paris and home. My brother and his friends are wild and crazy when together, and when I am with my nephews I laugh non stop, so I know this will be a great trip. And I have been to Normandy and twice to Paris so I have no 'must dos' on the trip...if all I do is be there, I will be happy...Karla, that's how to eat cake! GR, I expect I will eventually go back to some form of work, because I seem to be spending a lot of money, but boy I love having control of my own time...
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Tue, 07-01-2014 - 6:52pm
Oh, and I wanted to say that I feel like eBay has become too 'commercial' and unless you have in style designer clothes, donating used clothes is a much better process to empty closets.
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Tue, 07-01-2014 - 10:05pm

Karla, that picture is just too cute!  One to pull out for future birthdays.  At gyms, instructors really should have a group ex cert, even if it's just for liability. But since this isn't a regular gym, people who teach "fitness" classes are trainers because groups are small and that's even better. But, anything parkour related is taught by parkour instructors. One is a personal trainer but I don't think any of the others are.

GR, when does OP move?

SJ, that trip sounds like it'll be so much fun.  You have me thinking of that next year.  I want a big trip and am narrowing it down. I love the idea of renting an apartment downtown Paris, going out for croissants/cafe au lait in the morning, wine bar at night. Biking around the wine region.  There are just far too many places to visit!On the job front, could you consult w/ your company part time?  My dad did that for years.  He made more consulting part time (no benefits) than he did working full time, ironically.