Terrible allergies on Tuesday

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Terrible allergies on Tuesday
Tue, 04-22-2014 - 7:15am

I can't stop sneezing!  It's a beautiful morning, with the sun trying to peek through the clouds, and the birds chirping away!  I have early morning yoga, tons of work to attend to, and then I have dog training tonight.  Life is BUSY.  I may have an art class that I start this week, too, thanks to an expiring groupon.  I tried to paint this weekend, and I guess I need  more practice and classes.  lol.  It's really soothing to mix the colors and see how they appear on canvas.  :)  My mom sounded good on the phone yesterday...it's funny how she has some good days and some not so good days...that could be due to the meds she is taking.  :P  I sent my daughter 20 ivory roses for her golden birthday, and I expected a phone call with, "thanks," as soon as she got them.  Lesson learned..."no expectations."  Wow.  I had to call her on her birthday to make sure she got the roses.  Parenting is a humbling experience.

Make it a great day, everyone!  Oh yeah...three things I am grateful for.  1.  Having all of my limbs...seeing dh with his injured finger and then the people from Boston who lost limbs is a very humbling experience.  I can't phathom (I really don't want to) the obstacles they endure.  2.  my eye sight...in hearing the ads for the new drug for circadian (sp?) sleep rhythm, I can't imagine not seeing such beautiful sights every day.  3.  health...I am lucky I can go to yoga, take an art class, walk around for my job, etc.  a friend of a friend's whom I have talked to a few times will die in the next couple months.  She has cancer.  :(  I feel like each and every day is a blessing full of wonder that we can choose to experience or not.  Gee, I must be having an "up" day.  I don't always want to go out and experience...sometimes I want to hide like a turtle.  Those are good days, too, but very different.  :D