Terrific Tuesday

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Terrific Tuesday
Tue, 07-22-2014 - 11:24am

I'm back from the beach. Happy to be home but I already miss the beach. I LOVE the sand and sea. I jogged several miles every day as the sun was coming up and it was glorious. The weather cooperated perfectly! 


Gym-happy belated B-day.

Jean, you make me feel like a beginner when I see your workouts!

Fresh, I unlocked my front door as I pulled in after a 13 hour drive and my phone was ringing. It was mom, she saw I was home and wanted me to run over and do a few things for her. {{sigh}}

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Tue, 07-22-2014 - 4:26pm

Karla, glad you enjoyed your vacation and I applaud you for running on the beach!  Running on sand is a crazy workout.  I think you can officially erase all questions about whether you're a runner. 

FSN, that restaurant sounds fantastic.  There's a restaurant in Chicago that my best friend wants to go to - the name escapes me but the chef is Grant Aschatz (something like that).  Incredibly, he survived some type of mouth or tongue cancer and continued to cook and create while unable to taste anything.  

Happy, please eat a chocolate croissant and warm loaf of French bread for me.  You can just mail me the calories.  That's cool.

Went to a concert with my besties last night.   SO MUCH FUN.  I jumped, screamed and hopped around like a 12 year old.  And... today I hurt.  I love music and I love live music but aside from that, concerts are so therapeutic for me.  I can't even tell you how much better I feel.  

I'm planning to do some cardio and work today.  Off to OP's this afternoon.  

(Adding many hours later - I thought I posted this... oops.)

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Tue, 07-22-2014 - 6:07pm
Greetings from Paris! Today, I walked 23,000 plus steps...I should ice my foot but it seems like too much work! We walked from our hotel in Montparnasse 14 Arondissement) to Napoleon's Tomb, The Eifel Tower, and the Arc de Triumph in the 16th Arondissement. Although no one proposed to me in front of the tower, we did see a bride and groom getting their pictures taken their, .which I took a picture of. I am doing well at group travel on one level, because I do not complain, but it took two hours tonight to agree on a place for dinner that had room for us. By the time we ate, I was in blood sugar crash again...so I have to say, although the food is great here, I. Am not enjoying it much....we started at an Australian restaurant tonight, then found they weren't serving food, so ended up with Mexican. It is like I need to eat to feel well enough to eat, if that makes sense. I need to manage this better going forward but it isn't easy...I don't want a snack if we are going to eat...at 8:30 i was ok, at 10:30, not so much. I eat every two to three hours at home, and that works well for me...but with a group, it is hard to make everyone stop or to pull out a snack....but hey, I am in France, what's a little fainting? Karla, welcome back from the beach! GR, we have been playing 'favorite' band, song, Beatle...I bet you would have good ones. FSN and Jean...just saying 'bonjour'.
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Tue, 07-22-2014 - 11:41pm

My poor, aching feet!  I am breaking in my new boots.  Ouch!  I am so not used to that!  Linedancing was fantastic.  I really love dancing!  I needed the stress relief from the anxiety of court this morning, along with all of the family buzzing with news of my nephew's death.  Life is precious.  Make the most of it!

Karla, welcome back, and the beach looked lovely!!! GR, I love the thought of you bouncing around at a concert...sounds like fun!  SJ, yeah, I don't like traveling with crowds unless there is a super Type A person that likes the sames things I do.  lol.  Enjoy each moment!