Today is Tuesday...

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Today is Tuesday...
Tue, 02-18-2014 - 10:41am

and the sun is shining!  Early morning yoga was wonderful.  Driving yesterday afternoon was HORRIBLE.  I had to stop five times to get the ice off my windshield wipers.  And I had to back up and get a running start to get up some small inclines.  At one point, my tires skid for 3 minutes while I tried not to get in an accident with the truck behind me while my car wanted to slide into the truck.  :(  Needless to say, I just asked my company for snow tires, even thought the worst of the weather is most likely over.  It was BAD.

I will make a decision on my son's graduation later.  If I give him a card and nominal graduation present, he will know I am still "there."  If I go, it gives my ex yet another event to stare me down.  Yuck.  I dunno.  Perhaps ds nees to know that with poor behavior, you can lose a lot...including your mother.  My ex still hasn't learned the lesson of consequences, so perhaps my son will never learn either.  Whatever.  We all have free will.

I am contemplating a family trip to Hawaii this summer.  Since dss still has not gotten his passport after two years of asking him to, I really don't feel like planning a trip to Europe.  His behavior of not getting the passport leads me to think he has no desire to go to Europe, so why should I spend the money?  I am thinking that perhaps a European cruise with my daughter would be nice next winter, when it is off season (and cheaper, with lots of closeout prices on fashion?)  I am just mulling over the idea.  Nothing set in stone at the moment.  I would love to go to the big island, see the volcanoes, view the beautiful sites, participate in some fun activities, and RELAX.  I just don't look forward to the long flight.

GR, how was Imagine Dragons?  Arryl, any decisions on your vacation?  Karla, how does your body feel after the cold runs?  SJ, what ever did you do about that party for your trainer...I forgot to follow-up.  Jean, where are you?  Cathy, are you out there still?  Who am I missing?  "The memory is the last to go..."  :P

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Tue, 02-18-2014 - 11:15am

Fresh, we had a similar experience driving yesterday. lol I went to the gym and on my way home it started raining a very hard cold rain. Within minutes all the ice and snow on the roads turned into a nightmare slush to try to navigate. I stopped by my son's house to wait it out since he was the closest and slid right into a part of his front yard. I had to dig down to the pavement to try to get one of my tires on the road to try to get out. Somewhere along the line I lost a hubcap. It is supposed to be 50 and sunny today so I am so hoping a lot of this mess melts. 

I am sore all over from running out in the cold but it is a good sore feeling. Yesterday I ran on the tread because I knew I wasn't going to finish before the rain. SJ, do you ever run on the road and how do your tread runs compare to your road runs? I did three miles in 27:28 according to the tread but I am so unsure of whether or not that is comparable. I felt like I felt too good if that makes sense. Typically I have to really put forth major effort to get that kind of time. Of course the temperature was very comfortable and the surface very flat so who knows. 

Gym, I haven't heard of that music group either but then again I am a fan of older country and folk music. Yes, folk music. ;-)

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Tue, 02-18-2014 - 12:29pm

GR, would love to go see Imagine Dragons, but I feel I would feel very out of place (i.e. old) and I am very much a shy introvert...

We had a 3 day weekend.  I got over to the Y yesterday morning after dropping off the kids at school and daycare.  I did 30 minutes on the elliptical.  I was slightly disappointed.  My cardio endurance definitely needs some work!  I spent the day cleaning the house, our bedroom is much better now and I am feeling better about it.  Unfortunately, I got into a car accident yesterday afternoon while going to pick up the girls.  I totaled my daughter's car, which I have been driving since she left for college, much better gas mileage than my stinking truck.  I feel horrible about it.  I have some bumps and bruises and my neck is very stiff now, so I am off to my chiropractor to get reevaluated this afternoon to make a new plan of action instead of my regular maintenance visits I do.  So, my retreat will now hinge on the car issues.  We already know from the accident my daughter was in a year ago, in a very similar car, that we will not get enough to get a new car with, not anywhere close, and since we were already planning on upgrading me this fall into a much needed newer vehicle, we are going to have to figure out finances.  As much as I want to go on the retreat, the cars issue comes first and foremost.  I am sending all the tax stuff to the accountant today, so hopefully in a week or two we'll have a better idea of what we'll do.  And just in case you are wondering, we haven't had any car payments in almost 5 years, we have a goal to pay cash for a newer car instead of financing it.  We could finance one, but financially we are looking to move in a year or two back to our home states and start over again there, so we don't want to take on the burden of any reoccuring long term payments that we don't have to before that time.

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Tue, 02-18-2014 - 12:46pm

FSN, I'm not sure if you remember but we did a European river cruise several years ago and it was AWESOME.  I think taking your daughter would be a really special experience.  I still think it's healthier for you to skip your son's graduation.  Family or not, I think there has to be a level of mutual respect and he's old enough to know that.  But like Happy, I say that with the disclaimer that I do not have children and fully admit that I don't have a parental perspective.   

Karla, what a mess with all the driving!  I hope your car and your son's front yard is okay.  

Arryl, sorry to hear about your car accident!  That's awful.  I'm in total agreement about paying cash for cars.  That's how DH and I are too.  Neither of us can stand the idea of paying several thousand additional dollars for financing.  

The concert was SO good.  Amazing.  I'm still a little "high" from it.  I thought this concert was going to have seats as our tickets had seat sections and seat numbers on it (we were on the floor) but there were no seats at all. Best friend and I were initially bummed out because we prefer seats but it turned out to be the best thing.  We danced our booties off while the people in the seats just sat there.  My entire body hurts today and I have practically no voice left.  Tongue Out  

Staying at home today, working on freelancing stuff.  No workout.  

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Tue, 02-18-2014 - 2:10pm

Hi lovely ladies! How about this weather! Sounds like many of you have been dealing with ice and accidents, and I am so sorry for that.  How awful.  I regret I haven't been around much.  I am in the midst of some very heavy life hard stuff that I just want to leave behind me and move forward.  Not to be a downer, in the end all will be well, but it takes its mental toll.   Lots of ice and snow here in PA, but I drove to work ok.  Took yesterday off which was fun.  Working on the taxes, done with fed and state, just need local. 

I can't remember which one of you said it, but it seems true: Eating less (versus any exercise) is the most effective way to drop pounds.  THat said, i am still not really shedding any pounds and i am kinda obsessing on it because it is feeling like all of a sudden i have a huge midsection and the extra fat on my belly  may be partly why I had such intense back issues a couple of weeks ago. 


I am getting back to the pilates which I do just about 15 minutes a day, then I work on my knee and back for about 10 or 15 minutes.  I would like to start working on an exercise bike too, but I haven't gotten one yet.  Looking on craig's list.  I still walk the dogs too but it is hard in the ice and sluch to go too briskly.   I have to up my game and I think that it is gradually going to happen.  In the meantime, I continue to be patient with myself and eat healthy.

PS Mom is a BIG RIVER CRUISE fan and has had a great time doing Europe that way.

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Tue, 02-18-2014 - 9:22pm
Aryl, so sorry about the accident...glad you are not badly injured. As much as i have not enjoyed walking this winter, i am glad not to be driving in this mess. I took a taxi home tonight because I worked late, and was happy that the driver would come up the hill. I would have walked up if I had to - five minutes is better than 30 in the cold and dark, but I was happy not to have to. Karla, I run on the road occasionally on the Cape. My place is on a main route but there is a side street that is not too busy. It is a mile out to an intersection, and of course, a mile back. It seems like a flat road when you drive it,but it is up and down hill running! Isometimeshave urgent bathroom needs when running - not often, but enough that I like the gym with the convenient bathroom. Part of working out forme is the social aspect at the gym, and I lose that running in the I really only do it if iam in the Cape with no car or little time. FSN, Iwent tothe party, and I had fun....and although what I expected to 'learn' I obviously did, my trainer has never mentioned and it is as if it didn't happen. I think his life must be very compartmentalized, and this has caused me to mentally take a step back with things unrelated to working out with him. It is probably so subtle that he wouldn't notice, but I am someone who 'lives in my head' and it is actually a big change for me. But I am glad I went, and I think he was too. Cath, I find eating in a reasonable manner to be very difficult in the winter....I am hoping spring will come and be easier. I bet Jean is out on the slopes....she should be getting enough winter this year. I planned not to go. To the gym today...and I didn't. I might do floor abs soon if I can motivate myself to get off the couch!