Try again Tuesday

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Try again Tuesday
Tue, 02-25-2014 - 11:32am

Hi Ladies, hope that everyone is doing ok today.  I went to my Dr, and then for an x-ray yesterday so we will see what's happening with this knee which I have taken to dragging around like some pathetic baby seal attached to my side.  For sure I have struggled with the patellofemoral gliding problem for a year but it seemed to be all better about 6 months ago.  I'll admit I STOPPED doing my exercises and now it is so bad.  He said Prepatellar bursitis as well as bursitis within the knee, so a lot of swelling and instability.  May be looking at an MRI and possible arthroscopic surgery but hopefully I can manage to avoid that.  All of a sudden between the recent back problems and knee issues, I feel like an old lady.  So yup, I am down today, fighting back the tears all morning but aI totally realize that I have much to be thankful for, I just can't tap into that mentality quite yet today.  Long work day, so when I get home tonight I will prob just do some yoga stretches and a few knee exercises if I can manage.  Seems the more I am on my feet, the worse, so I am sitting at my desk trying to get my head in the game. BTW I do tape it sometimes and ice it but the brace seems to bother me.


How is everyone else today?

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Tue, 02-25-2014 - 12:07pm

Cath, sorry to hear about your bursitis.  Bursas are awful as there's nothing you can do but wait them out.  I used to have tracking issues too and one of the things that helped was to sit with my back against a wall and roll up a towel under my knee.  Flex the foot and life up the calf to contract the quad.  It might help strengthen the attachments which should reduce some instability.  

I took half an Ambien last night and feel like a new person today.  It's amazing how much more tolerable the world is when I've slept.  I played catch-up this morning on freelancing stuff and did a yoga/stretching workout.  My energy has been kind of crappy lately so I've backed off intensity.  Heading to OP's today (Cath - I think you asked last week what OP meant.  It stands for "other partner.")  and we don't have any plans.  We're hosting a fundraiser for the noodle project at the end of March and my best friend is our shill so I'm attempting to make a noodle dress for her.  I bought a tube dress and I'm going to see about affixing  noodles to it.  I'm dubious about the success but I'm going to try.  

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Tue, 02-25-2014 - 1:40pm

Cath, I had bursitis in my hip many years back and there wasn't really anything I could do but wait it out as Gym said. I tried the shot, therapy, and everything else in between and time was the only thing to help. Do you have access to a pool? Perhaps swimming might be a good exercise to do while waiting for your knee to settle down. 

Gym, I take Ambien almost every night. I was taking 10mg a day but my doc lowered me to 5. I don't sleep as long but I am feeling rested so I am not going to complain. I did have a really interesting dream two nights ago. I was going somewhere and I needed a check so I went to get my checkbook out of my purse and it was all torn up. The banker (whose voice just appeared out of nowhere) took my checkbook and handed me a brand new one that was so full of new checks I could barely get it into my purse. It seemed like a good dream. :-)

I went to the gym and ran several miles on the tread yesterday. I was able to limit myself by wearing new shoes so I am not too sore this morning. I do not plan to get anywhere near the gym tonight. Did I tell you girls that as of today I have 94.6 miles for the month? Sheesh-it's been stressful around here!

Jean, my husband decided to throw a huge suprise party for me the day I tested for my black belt. What he didn't know was that it could turn into a  two day test if there wasn't enough time because he never bothered to ask details. So I got home and everyone jumped out and yelled surprise. I was mad as a hornet when I saw the food and all the people because I was exhausted and mad that I didn't have time to finish the test in one night. I discreetly told my husband I wasn't quite a black belt yet so he went into the kitchen, scratched the B off the cake and added a word. It read "Congratulations on your lack of belt". Everyone got a great laugh out of it and it turned out to be a fun party. LOL

SJ-chocolate can cure anything! :-)

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Tue, 02-25-2014 - 3:54pm

GR, the noodle dress sounds...intriguing. How the model will get in and out of the dress without dislodging the noodles? Please post a photo!

Cath, I hope your knee improves without surgery (yikes) or even a bunch of testing. Its so frustrating to have a physical ailment that needs to heal in its own time.

Karla, I laughed till I cried when I read about the writing on that cake. Your dh can think on his feet! BTW I would hate a surprise party, I hope my dh never pulls that.

Ambien-using ladies, I've seen a few articles lately about the sleepwalking and other unconscious behavior while on that medication. Is that a concern to you?

I've been stuck at my desk all morning dealing with sh*t, and I want your opinions on something: we applied online for a new health insurance policy to be effective 3/1. There had been phone and email communication with an agent. We received the policy and it had my dh's date of birth wrong. (the application had it correct) The agent had voicemail on so I called the ins company directly, and discovered that they had my DOB wrong too. Long story short, I was told the policy needed to be underwritten again and the premium could change. Later I talked to the agent and she assured me that the premium would not increase, that's good, but the part that I'm ticked off about is that she casually slipped in the detail that SHE had submitted our DOB wrong and was very dismissive about my concern over being told the premium might change. Its not that I need my hand held, or that she should have groveled to apologize for her mistake; but I feel like she didn't "get it" and I should have gotten a heartfelt "I'm so sorry about this problem, anything else and please contact me so I can take care of things for you". Because I spent a bunch of MY time correcting a problem that she had created. Do I just have a burr under my saddle today, or would you guys also be ticked off? Would you have said something to the agent about her mistake/my time fixing it? Is it my own fault for not just dropping it in her lap to resolve (and hope that she did it in a timely manner)? 

Thinking I need to get out for a long walk to burn off my aggravation! Its a nice day here, upper 60s sunny and breezy---we're supposed to get rain!!! by the end of the week.

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Tue, 02-25-2014 - 5:59pm

Elc, I would be really ticked off too.  Those kinds of things really get my goat....  I hate feeling like I have to micro-manage everything in order for it to be done correctly.  Not taking responsibility for her mistake would have really ticked me off - human error is one thing but for pete's sake, admit you screwed up and apologize.  

As far as the noodle dress, I'm now thinking that I'm going to attach the noodles to a piece of elastic and put it on her like a belt.  I'm thinking she'll be able to move more easily and the dress won't rip.  We'll see.  

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Tue, 02-25-2014 - 8:32pm
Cath, i once had bursitis in my heel and had a cortisone shot,and it helped. hope your pain resolves itself. Karla, hoping things are better at your house. Gymrat, can you cut the noodles in half lengthwise? That would make themsit flat against the body. Then maybe something with Velcro loops and you could some shorter in front to make a v neck? noodles ome I such great colors...this could be pretty. My mother was very 'crafty' and she loved stuff like this! Elc, iwould. Beverly angry about the agent misrepresenting your birthdate. If the year is off, it could affect the underwriting, and she should know that. And acting like 'no big deal' is totally unacceptable. Insurance is all about is easy to price shop, and agents make a lotof money off renewals, so good agents should go out of their way to help their clients and build a relationship that makes the client 'I've beenwiththem for years and I've never had a problem'. For the firstTuesday in weeks,I went to the gym! 4 minutes on bike, lifting for chest/ back, abs. My hips are sore from last night, and it is really cold so I didn't swim...