Trying to post again Thursday

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Trying to post again Thursday
Thu, 08-21-2014 - 8:12am

Let's see if this works. I've been trying to post on different threads and it's not letting me.  SJ, sorry to hear about your cousin.  That poor family w/ the little children!  And the grandmother who has seen all that happen, too. It puts my whining about wasp stings into perspective.

I take my son back to college tomorrow so I might skip my workout tonight so we can do family things. Then again, he might be at the parkour gym so I'll have to see first.  For all the working out I've done in my life, I'm discovering muscular weaknesses that you never hit in the gym.  First, I can upper body on the wall w/ legs hanging down, put my hands on the wall and lower myself from there.  It's an odd angle and no exercise in the gym, even functional crazy ones that I do, hits those muscles. And yesterday, we tied the silks into a knot, lie face up in it, feet on the ground. The goal is to keep your body in a straight line and be able to raise your legs so your head goes upside down.  It's crazy core.  I have so much to work on!

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Thu, 08-21-2014 - 8:31am

Your silks class sounds so challenging!  I envision you flying through the air similar to that commercial.  I am stiff/sore from linedancing two nights in a row.  I have to remind myself that I am not young anymore!  I have work today, and tonight, I drive dd back to town.  I have a conference call tomorrow morning that I have to be on, even though I am taking a vacation day.  I think I might try to do lunch with a friend and/or visit a yoga studio down in that city.

Jean, I agree with must have a nest nearby.  I think there is some can of something that you can spray into the nest when they are asleep.  I can't believe you got stung on the same ankle.  What is up with that?!  GR, enjoy your solitude, and BOO on the hangover...I hate when that happens!  Karla, how wonderful to be able to relax (a little) about the marathon, and it sounds like you have a great coach to make sure you do not overtrain.  SJ, I love that you have a condo to visit.  It is so nice to have a place to visit that is your own, where you can relax and get a change of pace!  EL, where did you go?  Palladrome?  Swimming?  Biking?

Life is good.  Make it a great day everyone!

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Thu, 08-21-2014 - 11:05am

Well, the house is quiet.  I was hoping to sleep through DH leaving this morning (I hate goodbyes) but sadly I did not.  Since he's left, I have purchased a cat purse on Amazon, deep cleaned the dishwasher and cleaned out the fridge.  I have also removed his "clutter" to areas where I cannot see it - AMAZING.  I was planning to do cardio this morning but I am getting quite a workout with all of this so I may skip it.  

Jean - no more stings!  And enjoy your time with your son.  

FSN, when I wake up sore like that, I try to remember that I'm fortunate I can still do those things.  Cool

Karla, how are you?  

Happy, how wonderful you have a second home.  That is wonderful.  We have considered that a number of times.  

My house is SO messy that I'm tempted to set fire to it and start over.  Tongue Out  House cleaning lady is coming today and I am very happy about that.  She usually comes Wednesdays but I rescheduled her for today because I knew how awesome it would be to come home tonight to a clean house that has been untouched by husband.  

I've got a therapy appointment today, injection appointment and then I'm hitting Trader Joe's for easy healthy food.  Planning to take it easy tonight.  I was offered a job yesterday and I'm mulling over whether I should take it or not.  It's very good money but I was hoping for a semi-boring work week.  Decisions, decisions... 

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Thu, 08-21-2014 - 12:24pm

SJ, I am so sorry to hear about your cousin. That is just horrible and my thoughts and prayers go out to your family.

Gym, I saw on FB that you are dealing with some sadness? I hope all is well with you.

Jean, do you have a wasp nest in your yard?

Fresh, have you gotten everything settled with your mother? My mother's 78th birthday was this past weekend. She is in great physical health and thankfully her drivers license is expiring at the end of the month. She has tried to renew it (she has to take the written test) and failed twice so that means she will no longer be able to drive. I think it is a really good thing!

Math took 2 hours this morning. Ugg. We are working on ratio/percents. Much of the curriculum I use is word problems and I am really glad about it because it gives the kids real life examples of why they need certain math skills.

I had to do my run last night on the treadmill because we had bad storms. While I hate treadmill running, I was amazed at how well I did 8 miles with no heat or hills to deal with. I have a 5 mile run today which I may have to do on the treadmill again and then not another run until Saturday (12-14 miles).

I'm having a hair crisis again and considering getting mine all whacked off. I know I will be sorry if I do it so I am trying to listen to the tiny voice telling me "NO WAY" instead of the big loud voice shouting "Just cut it all off". lol

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Thu, 08-21-2014 - 1:40pm
Karla, your math comment reminded me of a cartoon I saw last week..I think Peanuts with I think Sally saying 'only in math problems can someone buy six cantaloupe without someone else saying 'what's up with all the cantaloupe?' I learned to calculate percents in some odd way that I think only my class learned and it is the only way I can do it...GR, I hate goodbyes too. Hen I was young I read a series of books set in the 1940's with the main character 'Penny Parish'. They had a housekeeper who said to her one time 'never you mind, Miss Penny. It's the one who gets left behind who is always the lonesomest' I think of that so often...funny how books can stay with you...this was a series I loved and I read them many times...I wonder if they are still somewhere at my mother's house? FSN, when I first started working out, I would never admit to my trainer that I was sore...and I needed to use the railing to climb stairs...finally he told me 'if you aren't sore, I'm not doing my job'. I take the good workout pain as a sign that I am working hard. Jean, I am pretty sure you are the only one of us who can hang upside down while flying through the air...I think I have good core strength, but I keep my feet on the ground....thanks everyone for your thoughts on my cousin. I need to call her mother today...I am not sure if calling is better than writing a note but I think it is the right thing to do. She is older than I am, and at one point in my life, I wanted to be her...and then she made some life choices that showed that the life she had wasn't the life she wanted...the result of that was that she married late and had her children late, and at a point in my life when I was the 'right' age to have kids and didn't want to, I would think of her and it always seemed possible to change my she inspired me and I doubt she knows it...and about the Cape house - it is great to have it although the past few years we have had a lot of issues between different people who live there and as a responsible person, I deal with crap that I would prefer not is a little like a soap opera somedays, and kind of funny, but we have had both police and lawyers over things this year which is not amusing. The main 'problem' people are afraid of me - which is funny because I mostly ignore the nonsense and don't engage with them, but the people they upset feel duty bound to tell me the gory details...I love my place and would hate to have to sell it, but I am starting to think about it as an option. The condo complex is small 10 units - which is not a great size..if we were bigger we would have professional management and if we were smaller it might be easier...but. It is what it is...and I am on the bus again!
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Thu, 08-21-2014 - 1:52pm

Karla, the sadness was about DH leaving.  I'm okay though.  Thanks for checking.  Wink  On the hair... if you think you'll regret cutting it, why not do something else?  Like, go with some highlights (or fashion colors!).  Or do a straightening procedure like the brazilian blowout or keratin treatment.  If you are committed to keeping it, do something to it to make it more fun to have again.