Wasp stung Wednesday

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Wasp stung Wednesday
Wed, 08-20-2014 - 7:29am

I was doing yard work yesterdaya nd felt a searing pain on my ankle, the one I sprained last week.  I looked down to see a wasp--I wasn't sure what to do becuse I didn't want it to leave its stinger so being stupid, I just let it continue pouring poison into me.  It was all so painful!  I'm vengetul enough that I told my daughter I wish I had kept it in a box so I could torment it back.  It's better today but I tell you, yard work is as dangerous as housework!  I need to stop all that.

I'll be going to parkour later on today.  Maybe silks tonight.  We're getting ready to take my son back to college this Friday.:-(

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Wed, 08-20-2014 - 8:11am

OMG on your ankle...as if your injury wasn't enough?!  Yeah, I am taking dd back to school Thursday night.  DH is taking dss to school on Saturday.  Since this will be dd's 3 year, it's not as much of a big deal, but I can see that dh is struggling.  He has been "wining an dining" dss multiple times this week at lavish steakhouses.  So, I think I will take dd out for a nice late dinner Thursday evening.

I LOVED the new yoga studio.  It was actually cold when I got in, but since I worked out hard, I was sweating by the end of class and it didn't feel cold anymore.  They have about 10 reformers, mat pilates, and a barre (sp?) class that I think I might try.  I sent an email with a question to my LifeTime gym on Saturday, and I have still heard nothing back from them.  I will take that as a negative answer.  I went linedancing last night and had so much fun!!!  The guy that was teaching me lots of couples dance moves was not there, so I am thinking that he may have thought I was single.  :(  C'est la vie.  I am in it for the dancing, not the hook-up.

Karla, I am in awe of all of the positive activities in your life - homeschooling is a LOT of work and responsibility, marathon, work, family.  I know you can work through the marathon!  Jean, you are amazing in how you set your mind to getting away from class workouts to functional fitness...parkour would scare me  GR, I love how you make sure that you take care of your needs and you set your boundaries.  The latter is still something I struggle with, and your upbeat attitude is inspiring.  EL, I am envious of your lap swimming and wonderful weather out west, along with the healthier environment that you live in...post anytime...I love hearing about your day!  SJ, your persistence in  your workouts is motivating to hear about...you are like the energizer bunny...and all of your cooking and travelling excursions are so much fun to hear about.

Make it a grand day, everyone!

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Wed, 08-20-2014 - 12:12pm

Jean, so sorry about the wasp sting!  I don't think I've ever had one and DH is deathly afraid of them (that's like the only thing though.  Well, maybe those and bears. Wink).  Glad it's better today.  Millcreek posted on FB about abandoning her workout at the park because of a snake.  Yeah... I don't need danger either during workouts.  

FSN, glad you found a new yoga studio and enjoyed linedancing so much.  Did you book your cruise yet?  

Happy, the wet noodles made me laugh too but I think OP was less than pleased.  They boys leave super early tomorrow morning and I think they're both anxious to get on the road.  The couple of days before take-off are often difficult because your brain constantly thinks "Do I have this or that".  Once on the road, you either think of it for the last Walmart trip or you go without.  

I am hung over today and it is completely 100% my fault.  I generally handle my booze just fine but I made a cocktail with Malibu Black last night.  Based on how I felt last night and today, I think it's like regular Malibu but on steroids. Hung over on top of feeling sore from yesterday's workout is an odd combo.  

I think I reached a "caught up" point yesterday.  I'm going to try to take it easy today.  I'm doing follow-up on a few resume projects and I need to revise my article.  Probably no workout.  I'm thinking remaining upright is going to be a workout in and of itself.  

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Wed, 08-20-2014 - 1:25pm

Jean got stung by a wasp-YIKES; Fresh found a new fantastic Yoga studio-YAY; Gym drank too much last night-LOL; Elc doesn't have much excitement going on right now-Awww; and SJ continues to be a very solid and encouraging person-THANKS.  I love reading everyone's posts though I don't always reply to everything. :-)

lol I am so busy today I barely have time to check in. My internet (and power) are intermittent today because I am having outlets moved in preparation for built in bookcases. I did talk with the coach last night who said I'm on the verge of overtraining so step back and let myself recover for a week or two. I've got 9 weeks to go so he says I have plenty of time. Because my goal is just to finish and not a specific time, it really does change the game plan for my training. He said next marathon we will start much further in advance and get more detailed. Just hearing that gave me a boost so I am feeling much better today.

The electrician is about to shut me down again so I will type to you all later. 

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Wed, 08-20-2014 - 5:52pm

As if weren't enough yesterday with the sting, as those of you on FB know, it happened again this morning, just before I was going to go to parkour!  Same ankle. That yardwork is a killer!  It's been burning but I'm assuming it's the sting.

FSN, will your DSS be nearby?  Does this mean you're going to be empty nesters?  Glad you liked the studio--I think you'll be happier at a real yoga studio. At a gym, the instructions can be hit or miss.

LOL, GR, is a hangover ever not 100% our fault?  My friend was telling me she made a batch of bourbon slushies the other day for a get together only things happened and no one came over but she didn't want to waste it all.  It's funny, I'm such a light weight on wine but I can hold other alcohol fine. Well, maybe not Malibu black...

Karla, glad you're listening to your coach!  The last thing you want is to get injured. It sounds like you'll be fine as long as you take it easy w/ these long runs.

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Wed, 08-20-2014 - 6:39pm
Oh, Jean TWO wasp stings! There must be a nest...stings are so painful! And to answer yesterday's question, yes, I have a condo on the Cape...I bought it with my mother years ago...FSN, line dancing sounds like fun...I think Zumba is a little like line dancing with no alcohol...GR, the worst part of being hung over is knowing that it seemed like such a great idea to keep drinking at the time....ELC, again answering yesterday's question..my swim suits are usually a polyester/spandex blend. I rinse them out when I get home, but my gym uses a salt based instead of chlorine based chemical that is gentler on skin and suits. Karla, glad your coach is helping you settle in to your training....I got word yesterday that one of my cousins (not a first cousin, but part of a family I am close to) was killed by a drunk driver last week...leaving two young children. I did not know her well but her grandmother is a very important person in my life, and my heart breaks for her. One of her daughters died unexpectedly at 18, and to lose a grandchild at 36...sometimes I wonder what God expects of us...and the journalist that was killed yesterday went to school with my younger brother and sister...at least this might move the cameras out of Ferguson which will maybe cool that down...what a world we live in...but I went to the gym...12 minutes on bike, lifting for legs, abs, much sitting at the pool, then swam 60 laps and a little foam rolling....