Bagged salads - where do I begin?!

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Bagged salads - where do I begin?!
Tue, 06-10-2014 - 11:40am

I am big on bagged salads just because I tend to waste larger quantities of the add-ins (cheese/croutons/nuts) AND lettuce. With that said, I am very picky when it comes to the brand. 

What is your favorite brand? I tend to gravitate towards Dole. The Fresh Express (I believe?) is all that my Target sells, which is a bummer because that means I have to go to a second store for salad (I do my food shopping at Costco, so I'm not frequently in a supermarket). I haven't had luck with FE, never seems fresh — ironic, I know. LOL

On top of brands, I'm curious if you guys wash the salad again (this is for bagged salad kits that say already washed). I have a salad spinner *somewhere* and I really need to start using it again, but not sure if I really need to wash the salad kits. Thoughts? (Ideally I know we would, but with the pieces so small and so on... what do you guys think?)


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Tue, 06-10-2014 - 12:25pm

I love bagged salad mixes because you can do so much with them. Dole is my favorite too. It just seems like they have a better variety and the mix is fresher. Maybe it's because it is popular and they have to restock often at the store I visit but I'm not sure.

I do wash before serving. So many cases of food born illness are caused from salad mix so I feel that the two or three minutes it takes me to rinse and drain are well worth it.

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Tue, 06-10-2014 - 1:29pm
I use either Central Market (a local brand) or Earthbound Farms Organic. I almost always get baby spinach, and I will admit, I don't always wash again like I should. I thought the spinach in my smoothies in the morning.
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Wed, 07-16-2014 - 5:30am


I use my share of bagged salads. I love the convenience and the portions are just right. I would always wind up throwing away half a head of lettuce or bunch of carrots if I bought ingredients and didn't use them all. I like all the brands you mention and a couple others, too, including one called Thompson's salad kits. These tend to be more cabbage, etc., and are asian, southwestern, etc. 

I wouldn't give a second thought to eating these right out of the bag. The cleanliness standards of the processors would make a hospital blush. But, if it makes you feel better to wash them, by all means do!