Dr. Oz presents 4,000 Shocking Ways to Bust Your Fat Butt! / by sylvia kronstadt

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Dr. Oz presents 4,000 Shocking Ways to Bust Your Fat Butt! / by sylvia kronstadt
Sat, 06-21-2014 - 5:21am

Mrs. Oz seemingly hasn't experienced any
weight-loss "miracles." Do they really exist?

Oz was assailed in a Congressional hearing this week today for his "fraudulent" and "deceptive" claims about weight-loss scams, such as his recent show on "3 Ways to get your fat to eat itself." He defended himself by saying merely that he tends to use "passionate and flowery language." He was warned to tone down his "huckster" approach and to show more respect both for his audience and his medical credentials. He was referred to as a "buffoon" and a "charlatan." The same could be said for members of Congress, but the proof about Oz's disrespect for the truth with respect to all aspects of well-being has been thoroughly well documented in these posts:




Oz was charming and quite irresistible years ago, when he first entered the public eye. He has become sillier, more maniulative, more deceptive and more shallow ever since. His program is like a big, colorful children's programs, with lots of balloons to pop, and lots of goop and poop - - and lots of hoops for his devoted, adoring fans to jump through. I used to like him, even though I knew he was being a shameless showman and glutton for ratings, but now he makes me sick. He exploits the fears, hopes and intelligent intentions of his audience.

 Jumping through hoops, thanks to Dr. Oz's age-defying recommendations.