I've got my game plan, now I just need my game face!

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I've got my game plan, now I just need my game face!
Wed, 08-13-2014 - 9:00am

I've got my plan ready for September! My DD starts prek so I'll have about 2 hours 2x a week where I am completely without a kid, lol! So, my plan will be to either walk around the reservoir (it's a 5.1 mile trail) or go to the gym (gym is more likely when it's raining/winter). I've done 5 mile walks before, but it's been a loooong time. At least the trail has resting benches should I need them. :) 

I'm obviously going to need water with me. Any suggestions on how to carry it? That's really the one thing I hate about walking — carrying things. Bleh.

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My husband got me a Camelbak mini mule for my birthday. While it was designed for children, it works great for women too. It is very easy to carry and there is plenty of room for a cell phone and a few other things you might need. Since you don't have anything in your hands, it is really convenient.

Good luck with your walking!

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