Storm sounds on headphones, book in my hand...

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Storm sounds on headphones, book in my hand...
Tue, 02-18-2014 - 11:53am

This is my new way of exercising!

I've hit the gym 3x in a week, which is well, the longest for me in a few years. :) Yesterday I decided to bring a book but the background noise and the TVs were bothering me so I put my headphones on and put on a sound machine app and listened to a rain storm while reading. I did 40 minutes on the bike, no problem (except for a sore butt! LOL). 

Do you do anything at the gym while doing 'boring' exercises? 

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Tue, 02-18-2014 - 12:00pm

My gym has TVs above the cardio equipment so I usually find a good show on and watch it. 

I don't usually jog outside with music or headphones on because I am worried about getting hit by a car. I want to make sure I am completely aware of what is happening so I can jump out of the way just in case. lol

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Thu, 02-20-2014 - 4:15pm
that is a good idea but I do wear headphones and live in the country If they are going to hit me they will hit me from the back side .. * in the summer or when the weather is nice I usually walk in fields with soft surfaces..