Cooler Hands Might Boost Your Workout, Study Suggests

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Cooler Hands Might Boost Your Workout, Study Suggests
Wed, 03-14-2012 - 2:25pm

Okay, I thought this was rather interesting and would like to try something like this out to see if it changes anything for me:

"Cooling the palms of the hands while working out helped obese women exercise longer, reports researcher Stacy Sims, a research scientist and exercise physiologist at Stanford University School of Medicine...."It would be like Lance Armstrong wearing a wet suit for the entire Tour de France," she said. "We're trying to address those barriers."

Sims wanted to see if cooling off the hands of the women she studied might help them overcome fatigue and overheating while exercising.

The device she used is already in use by some professional athletes, according to Sims. She decided to test it in obese women, who she finds often abandon working out due to overheating and fatigue." MORE

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Very interesting! I'd love to see more studies on this but it goes along the lines of those studies I think, it can't hurt so why not go ahead and give it a try?

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Yes, it IS interesting.

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Kelly that's interesting! I actually like feeling like I'm working up a good sweat, but always keep hydrated when I'm working out. And then I pop into the steam room when I'm done and gulp down another bottle of water!