Crazy situation

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Crazy situation
Sun, 10-28-2012 - 2:25am

i need to mend things between my daughter and my husband. Technically she is his stepdaughter, but he has raised her for 10 of her 14 years.

A little bit of background - Jamie and I are both very sporty and for the last two years we have been going to the gym together and to a dojo to,study karate. My husband Tom on tue other hand hates all activity. He isn't fat, but not very fit either.

Today Tom and Jamie got into a big argument. The whole thing got physical when Jamie shoved Tom and then Tom shoved her back. Jamie freaked out and before I could get over to them she kicked Tom two or three times in the stomach and the side of the neck or face and my husband went down.

By that time I was over there and pulled Jamie back.

My husband didn't say anything afterwards but I can sense that he is shocked. I don't think he has any idea of what we do in the dojo.

Jamie appositives but she seems to have lost all respect for him. She's been acting like a brat around him since the incident.

Any idea how I can mend this?