The CrossFit Craze

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The CrossFit Craze
Thu, 05-02-2013 - 12:48pm

Have you tried CrossFit Yet? iVillage Health describes crossfit as "CrossFit is much more than a high-intensity workout -- it’s a worldwide brand that offers training seminars, has more than 4,500 CrossFit locations worldwide (known as boxes) and even has a pretty sweet endorsement deal from Reebok.” CrossFit’s specialty is actually “not specializing,” so while CrossFit coaches may scale intensity and weight recommendations for participants, the structure of the workout is the same for everyone, whether you're a 60-year old grandmother or a 20-something athlete." read more

Is it something you would consider? If you have tried it, what do you think about it?


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Tue, 05-07-2013 - 8:11am
I would try any form of exercise. However, I have to wait to do waits until the pain in my shoulder results. Speaking of injuries, though, a casual acquaintance of mine was recently taken by the paramedics from yoga class. It turns out she throughout her back because she overdid some post. I've been watching her Facebook post, and seeing that she is still in pain, days after the injury. Now that I have several injuries, I am very wary of instructors who do not teach proper form.
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Mon, 05-06-2013 - 10:12am

I've been doing crossfit off and on for a couple of years and it really is fun and challenging. I can see why it is such a big craze right now. On the otherhand, I understand how it can be hazardous or even dangerous to someone. I've been in class with certified crossfit trainers and in class with those who aren't certified and think they know how to run things. The instructors make all the difference in the world. I now know enough to know to stay out of classes run by those who don't have any kind of extensive training.

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Sun, 05-05-2013 - 11:24am

Cross fit has become a really big deal at the gym I go to. I see people doing some crazy things and haven't tried it yet as it looks very hard. I think the thing that amazes me most is that I see older, heavier women in the class along with young buff 20 year old men. They all seem to be having a blast so I can't imagine how that works out.

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Fri, 05-03-2013 - 11:38am

No. I had to post on that thread.  The more corrective exercise/postural study I do, the more I'm convinced that heavy lifting should not be done in a group fitness environment.  I went to an Olympic power lifting session (I think I talked about it). The coach spent a couple of hours w/ me, working w/ me to do the clean part of a clean and jerk. It was all one on one attention, starting w/ the very basics. Even at my level of understanding of lifting, I barely started getting it at the end. There are so many little details to getting it right. I can't imagine getting into it w/out long sessions, especially going heavy.  The coach just shook his head at Crossfit. As one of the master personal trainers told us at a pt session, sure you can get your clients to do xxx, but is is worth the risk of injuring them?  Yes, there is a risk to lifting at all, but if you can do it in a safer way, why not?