Fitter Kids May Make Better Grades: Study

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Fitter Kids May Make Better Grades: Study
Mon, 08-06-2012 - 8:25am

Are your kids having trouble in school? Maybe you should encourage them to exercise with you. A new study reported in Health Day News suggests that the more physically fit kids were, the higher their scores in certain subjects. "Middle school students who are physically fit are likely to score higher on standardized tests measuring reading and math abilities, a new study has found.And, the average scores went up in correlation with levels of fitness, the findings showed." more 

What do you think? Do you have any theories as to why this may be true (or not)?


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Mon, 08-06-2012 - 3:30pm

Possibly and probably it does but I agree w/ the author's conclusion that there is a correlation in the study but not causation. It could be that people who have their kids in more physical activities also encourage academics more--I would think that's the case. People I know who push their kids in sports also seem to push their kids in academics and vice versa. I'd be interested in seeing a group of inactive kids, getting them moving and seeing the results.  The question is, study after study has shown exercise has a host of benefits and yet people are still inactive.  What would it take to get them moving?

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Mon, 08-06-2012 - 9:37am

This totally makes sense to me.  I believe that fitness routines leads to hormone releases in the brain that calm us down and by providing a better environment for us to learn.  I not only experience this, personally, but have also seen it, firsthand, in my own children.  Case in point, my son was able to eliminate add meds AND attend to his schoolwork when he did sports conditioning (i.e., either football and/or cross country practices.)

The medical community also recommends fitness and diet as the number one line of defense for diabetes and cardiovascular disease.  It is the best "drug" there is, and can even reverse type 2 diabetes in many cases (where there is still beta cell function in the pancreas).