Gym Bans Skinny People

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Gym Bans Skinny People
Wed, 06-20-2012 - 12:18pm

Woa-Yahoo News is reporting that a gym in Canada is banning skinny people: "Slim and svelte? Then you may be banned from Canada's new gym Body Exchange, which business model focuses primarily on obese people. In fact, they say that thin people "bring down morale." Founder and CEO Louise Green told that the gym is a "safe haven" for overweight people who may be intimidated to work out in the presence of those who are fit. MORE

Wonder how they determine who is too skinny for membership. Is this a good or bad idea?


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Mon, 08-20-2012 - 10:21pm
How devastating would it be to be there at the gym thinking you were going to be turned down for being too skinny, and then they keep you!!!!!

Or, you start working out, get to looking good, and then get booted from all your buddies because your booty rocks!