Its been YEARS! But I'm back :) yaaay

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Its been YEARS! But I'm back :) yaaay
Sun, 03-17-2013 - 9:48am

Hi everyone!!  It looks like this must be where the former gymrats are hanging out.  I'm so excited to be back on ivillage and connecting with all of you ladies who I got to know and depend on for that wonderful daily motivation and interesting fitness talk.  I'm looking forward to meeting new people and getting back into daily journals (my favorite part of the board, btw) which I desperately missed.  Every person here was such a positive influence on me and I'm feeling like I'm ready for a little of that now :)

Heres the poop Tongue Out since we last talked - maybe you'll see why I've been gone:

Got divorced and I'm no longer teaching dance full time - whoa!  BIG CHANGE!

I'm living on my own and **dating** again.  yikes

My three cockapoos are doing well.  My oldest is 12 1/2 now.  My ex and I share custody. 

I have a great job, which I've been doing for almost two years now - Group Fit director and director of Pilates Reformer Fitness at 120,000 sq foot athletic club.  I'm super busy, but I do absolutely love it. In the time I've been there, I've been able to take over two big programs and make huge leaps in both departments, so I'm really proud of that. 

I'm currently teaching Dancefit, Step, Muscle Max + Cardio (Interval class), FitBarre, Mat Pilates, Reformer Pilates,  and some other stuff here and there :D 

I just signed up for a race over memorial weekend - its just a little over 5 miles, so no biggy, but it'll be over a big suspension bridge.  Excited about that - need to get some run time in, though. 

I thought it might be time for me to come back because I'm feeling a little isolated lately and the connections here always seemed to be genuine.  I'm finding it hard to balance my personal life with work and my personal fitness with all of that.  I know that I can find some of you that have had the same issues.  I also know that I do much better in my own head when I am organized and daily journaling does that for me, getting feedback and sharing ideas with you smart cookies is just what I need.... maybe along the way I can chime in and offer the same for some of you.

I think thats about it!  WHEW.. that got long :D   



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Mon, 03-18-2013 - 8:22am

Hi and welcome back! You have definitely been through some big life changes.

I have been reading about Fitbarre recently and it looks really interesting and difficult. My gym doesn't have it yet but I am looking forward to trying it when they do get it. 

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Mon, 03-18-2013 - 9:51am

Hey there!  Long time no see.  And wow, you have been through a lot.  We wondered from time to time what happened to you.  I'm glad to hear that you're doing so well!  

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Mon, 03-18-2013 - 11:32am

Hey there!  You have no idea how excited I was to see your post. It sounds like you're doing great.  I'm really happy for you.  I always thought you'd be a great fit for the fitness world so I'm glad you took the leap.  Are you still teaching dance at all?  Believe it or not, I was thinking of you the other day when I was watching my daughter dance.  I used to talk about how awkward she was, kind of Thriller-like, and the other day when I watched her, I thought, "Hey, she's dancing!"  I remembered talking to you about the whole process and wondering if it would ever happen.  Join us in the other threads--you know the drill!

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Mon, 03-18-2013 - 8:19pm
Hey there (I had today that excuse Gymrat and Jean did). I think I was a lurker when you posted before. I am glad to see you back.
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Mon, 03-18-2013 - 9:08pm
HEY! Welcome back. I often wondered what happened to you, and I am so glad you came back! Yea! First, I empathize with you on going through a divorce AND dating again. I LOVE all the new classes you are teaching! How is that agreeing with you? I can't remember where I was when you departed, so here is my current situation. I am remarried, now, to "the nice guy", my oldest dd started college, my son is living with his dad (angry teenaged boy), my stepson is learning boundaries with his stepmom(me), and I have two dogs, the larger of the two (bull mastiff) who may become a therapy dog at the hospital. See you around when I get back from FL, while dd and I are on spring break. Gotta go. Ciao.