Shin splints?

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Shin splints?
Wed, 02-20-2013 - 2:37pm

I posted this on the 'Running' board before until somone pointed me to this board..I didn't know about it..but thanks to YOU who alerted me to this:

 I started off my new year with new running shoes and a desire to do the couch-to-5k program; I haven't started it yet. When I do take the dog out for a good attempt, both sides of my lower leg bone become very stiff, tight and feel on fire after 10 minutes. When that starts, I start stumbling on my own feet and feel as if I am running or walking very flat-footed. I can't seem to do the whole motion of a good jog or walk.  I don't know if these are shin splints; they feel different than before. Once I stop, it does go away, but it certainly keeps me on the couch. And the fact that I don't have a running watch; I can't set my watch to keep time and I have no idea of distance unless I'm on a track and know 4 laps equals a mile. I would love to drop 25 lbs, but I am so unmotivated and depressed.

Since that post, I have told my chiropractor about my shins, and he has worked on them once (didn't realize he could do something about it). My right shin is tighter than the left and I have just stopped even trying to walk or run and I feel awful about it especially since I have a wedding this weekend and I look pregnant in my dresses( I would ask myself when I was expecting..yikes!)..and I KNOW there is no baby in there.  I have never been addicted to working out though I would love to reach that; I really have no idea how to start and/or get there without a gym membership which I cannot afford. 



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Wed, 02-20-2013 - 3:35pm

Hi Sarah!  Your name looks familiar. Have you posted here in the past?  Did what the chiropractor do help?  It's hard to diagnose online what it could be.  What kind of surface are you running on?  Do you get the same pain when you walk?  Walking can get you just as good of a workout as running, but you do need to work at keeping the pace and it takes longer.  It's a great way to stay in shape, along w/ body weight exercises for strength training (push ups, pull ups--assisted, crunches, superman).  The most important thing is to get started and then add on slowly.  

Good timing! I just noticed Karla posted this below:

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Thu, 02-21-2013 - 4:03pm
Sarah, it was me who suggested you come here...I had to wait for someone else to reply because bizarrely, I can never be the first to respond here at ivillage...have you thought about trying yoga videos? You can probably get them at the library or on Netflix. It is a low impact workout, and the stretching might be good if your muscles are tight. Motivation is hard when you start out...I think of exercise like brushing my teeth...just something I do every day. But it is important to find something you like so you stick with it. We have a daily journal down below - please feel free to join us!
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Fri, 02-22-2013 - 7:46am
Hi S, and welcome to the board. There are so many motivated people on this board, and it has been true inspiration for/to me to post and read everyone else's posts in the daily journal below. It's must be frustrating for you to have "injuries" when you made the goal of the running program. But, you sound persistent in finding solutions via boards and your chiropractor. Can you just walk for now? Walking is great exercise. Also, yoga, including yin yoga, which is mostly stretching, might help. I find that the stretching reduces many of my muscle aches and pinched nerves. Anyways, consider posting in the daily journal, below, to post your daily fitness plan, obstacles encountered, meal plans, and progress towards goals to help you stay motivated. We welcome you to this board. :)
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Tue, 02-26-2013 - 3:11pm

  I suggest seeing a sports physician.  Many injuries can occur and if you are trying to lose and well then a comprehensive approach maybe best.  Even yoga can trigger injuries.  to more out of shape you are the slower you must go to get into a place where ther are less injuries.