almost the weekend Thursday

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almost the weekend Thursday
Thu, 03-28-2013 - 7:20am

This has been such a long week!!!  I worked with my manager all day yesterday, and I am exhausted!  Work today, and then I come home to an empty house tonight.  DH is taking DSS to a college orientation where they try to persuade the prospective students (and parents) to go to their school.  Since it's at my daughter's school, they will stay overnight with my mom and have dinner with dd and mom.

If I am able, I will fit in a massage and some yoga.

What are you all up to today?

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Thu, 03-28-2013 - 11:01am

Woohoo-the sun is shining today. Snow is melting and I heard birds this morning. It is starting to at least look like spring. It is still unseasonably cold here unfortunately. 

I think I am one of the only people I know who can't get a message. I find them so horribly painful. I've tried several different places and I usually leave feeling exhausted and sick to my stomach. The chiropractor I'm seeing said I'm not the only person he knows that is like this but I've never met anyone else. Have you?

I'm trying to incorporate more and more yoga into my daily routines. I really wish my gym had more Yoga class options available. They only have one night class and it's on Wednesday evenings starting at 7:30. It just does not fit into my schedule.

I'm going to do a circuit tonight. I was thinking about doing Jean's Tabata challenge but I'm not sure if I have the energy. 

Baked chicken for dinner. 

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Thu, 03-28-2013 - 3:15pm

Long morning...  two hour session with my client who took a break.  We've got some strategy in place and I'm keeping my fingers crossed.  I had a laser appointment and then another client.  But I am done for the week - woo!  

Breakfast: jimmy dean sandwich 

Snack: edamame 

Lunch: baked tofu, clementines, 

Rest of the day: ?? 

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Thu, 03-28-2013 - 6:18pm

Hey everyone :-) 

It has been a crazy, crazy day. I ended up subbing a 6am hiit class then had back to back personal trainin and private reformer training sessions until 1. Good LORD. I got on the treadmil for a half hour after, but I was so tired it was a pretty lame excuse for a workout. So, I'm trying to find the motivation to hop on my stairmaster for a bit.

Normally I'd just use this as a lighter day, but I am so swollen and full of water, I need the sweat. Probably won't hurt to get the extra cardio since I'll be having chocolate bunnies, pie and scalloped potatoes coming at me non stop this weekend. It had to be this week of the month, didn't it? Argh.

Massages do hurt, I agree.. but for me its a time thing. I wish I could ...and I need to do more restorative things. I really WANT to get into yoga, but cardio wins out in the time crunch. Its so hard to try and do all the things we are "supposed" to do... Actually, its hard enough to get to all the things we HAVE to do.

I just ran out of Greek yogurt, this will not stand! Gotta make a grocery run.

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Thu, 03-28-2013 - 9:45pm
Hi everyone. I am back from Florida. For the past few days, I ouldn't get frustrating....I did nothing in pool, no walking, no floor abs...nothing. And I lost a dad's freind is agood cook, and a lifetime Weight watchers member, so she cook pretty healthy. There is snack food around, but not a lot...but we have cocktails. Every day. I am glad next week is a new month...I m hoping o find energy and motivation to get back to harder cardio and five day, or even six day, per week work outs. Today I did three minute bike warmup, lifting for Chestback, abs, and ran 1.5 miles in 21 minutes...a lot of walking in that running. I am going to the gym tomorrow, but that's it for the week unless I walk or run on my own on Saturday..or maybe floor abs. We always dye eggs on Saturday before Easter. Even though the kids are 21 and 15, we will still do it...someday, maybe their kids wil be there...Florida was cold. So is Boston....hopefully Jean is skiing...
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Fri, 03-29-2013 - 12:23pm
Oh my....a painful massage? I don't understand that. Have you tried a Swedish massage? Those are the lightest in pressure, and, personally, they do NoTHING for me. I need a sports, deep tissue massage, to iron out all of the knots I have...especially from the pinched nerve in my shoulder. Could it be that you have just had bad massage people? I just scheduled my massage and I can hardly wait!
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Fri, 03-29-2013 - 12:27pm
Baked tofu sounds good right now, gymrat. Woohoo on your weekend starting! I am doing administrative work today. Dancin, you ARE super busy. I am tired just thinking of your schedule. SJ, welcome back. Did you experience any of those horrific storms in FL this week? I miss the warm weather.