Did someone get the date for spring wrong Thursday

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Did someone get the date for spring wrong Thursday
Thu, 03-21-2013 - 8:40am

ARRGG!! I think someone got the date for spring wrong. I woke up to 19 degrees and snow. And now they are calling for a potential record breaking snow storm for my area this weekend. I want sunshine and warmth! I want to slather up with sunscreen and walk in the park and sweat. 

I have to go out today and get to the grocery. Our coffee levels are dangerously low and I must restock. I can't believe I remembered everything else but coffee.

If I make it to the gym today I'm going to do a small circuit and walk a few miles. 

Homemade chicken noodle soup for dinner just because we need comfort food. Its too cold!!

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Yes! It was freeeeezing here all day yesterday, too.  All anyone could talk about was how poopie the weather was.  I moved my happy light to the Pilates studio because I just couldnt stand it anymore.  Spring... hurry up!!

That was a good reaction and realization on your part.  Boundaries are so hard!  Thats something I have a really hard time with, too.  I've recently made the commitment to myself to learn to say no because I had no time to breathe.  We want to help, thats why we do what we do.  You know, I dont think people realize how much it takes.  I was just talking about how much work I put into this new clients program - he begged me to take him on and I had to stay an extra hour plus the time to train him on top of my long day, but I did it.  Half the time he ends up cancelling because of a work thing.  Its not about the money  - he cancels late, so he gets charged, but its the time and energy and the whole idea of it. 

I've also found that people dont think of us as having lives outside our trainer selves.  Someone asked once about training on a Sunday and I said that was a day when I did all the things I need to do and it was like I saw a light go on.. OH!  yeah.. they have families, and laundry to do and groceries to buy, too.


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Thu, 03-21-2013 - 10:12am

Karla, you're on the wrong side of the country.  We are in the 80's here.  :)  How's your FIL doing?  

I've got one client this afternoon and am going to attempt some interval cardio later on this morning.  

In work news...  the client that I was struggling with before the holidays (and she subsequently took an indefinite break right after the new year) is coming back and we start next Thursday.  We've had a few productive email conversations about what she wants to do differently this time and we're going to spend some session time strategizing before jumping into things.  I am hopeful but also trying to psych myself up for this and do better at setting boundaries and not getting so invested.  And, my friend/client that I've been training for several years quit this week...  well, sort of.  She emailed me over the weekend and said she was looking for ways to cut costs so she might not renew (which is fine and I told her so).  She said she would let me know for sure on Wednesday.  So, we met for our session yesterday and she wants me 3x a week instead of 2x and that would make a difference as to whether or not she renews.  She lives very far from me and I would never take her as a client based on that except she is on the way to OP's house.  So, I've worked it in that way since I go to OP's on Tuesdays.  I told her I could not reliably guarantee her another day unless there was a significant amount of money involved (as it would be a lot of time/gas to just train her and then go home).  She said "okay" and then nothing more about it.  I was highly annoyed until I reminded myself that no answer IS an answer.  Yay people! (no, not really)  

No idea on food.