Forgiving Friday

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Forgiving Friday
Fri, 01-18-2013 - 10:57am

lol I have Lance Armstrong and his drama on my mind. He is a great example of reaping what you sow. I wonder if he would have been all forgiving if this had all happened to someone he was competing against 10 years ago. Can you ever really trust someone again who has done this kind of thing?

I've got a ton of errands to do today and I'm going to get my hair cut. I think it's getting a little long for my face and it drags me down. Otherwise I have no big plans. 

I'm probably going to go to the gym this evening and get a few miles in. Hubby has to work late and I don't feel motivated to do much else. 

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Fri, 01-18-2013 - 11:12am

I think I would have titled this "Not Forgiving Friday." Cool

I am feeling alright.  I'm still not sleeping great but I'm getting by.  I did a moderate cardio workout this morning and it went fine.  I'm trying to keep it low key for now... give the drugs a chance to work.  I've got one client this morning and am planning to rest this afternoon.  We're meeting some friends tonight to try out a new cider bar. 

Breakfast: Jimmy Dean D-Light sandwich (these are really good and keep me full), latte

Lunch: southwest chicken ceasar salad

Dinner:  ?

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Fri, 01-18-2013 - 3:23pm

Yeah, I agree w/ Kel on the title.  Better than "screw you, LA, Friday."  My new gym's FB status actually said, "Hit Like if you are still behind Lance Armstrong."  Seriously. I never go anyway.  Oh, that's a question for you all--it's cheap ($28 a month) because I got in early but I've only been three times in 6 months. I go to parkour/silks/zumba/ski/run/another three workout facilities.  I'm thinking of doing krav maga when ski season ends. I'm wondering if I should drop the membership when the year is up.  But, I'll never get such a cheap deal again.  

I tried a new class at the parkour gym, 401pk for people over 35. Ha, I thought it would be parkour lite.  There were two other women. It was sooo hard--more like conditioning for parkour than parkour. The warm up was follow the leader around the gym where they were doing all sorts of vaults, jumping from wall to wall (it freaks me out to jump from a 5' wall to another 5' wall).  I had to do so many modifications!  Then we set out the kettlebells (about 30-40) in an area and "climb" them--like lateral rock climbing. Then, he had us do it upright, walking across them.  Plank walk around them.  We then set them in a row and hand to plank walk, hands on top, across the whole row.  Mini pull ups hanging on a wall by our fingers.  I'm obviously the lazy one because I kept trying to make the drills easier and the others tried to make them harder.  They cheered the first injury (not me!).  Yikes, I know I'm a wimp in a regular class but I'm still the wimp in the post 35 class! 

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Fri, 01-18-2013 - 5:42pm
Jean - you are seriously crazy...parkour is the hardest thing i have ever heard of...I worry about falling off curbs..let alone jump from five feet walls...I said above that I didn't see the Lance Armstrong interview but I just saw part of it...I actually think it wasn't really news...we all knew the truth....and since they couldn't find anyone to make the Tour de France winners because they all are under suspicion, it is obvious that cycling has been so much of sports has. The Tour de France is such a romantic idea - imagine when it was first thought of, how amazingly fun...jean again - Thanks for the trapeze link. The school is actually in Reading so not really Boston. Maybe I will try to get my sister in law to go with me for a lesson. I went to the gym tonight - 10 minutes on bike, combo lifts for shoulders, bis, tris, and legs, as well as floor abs on a bench. No Company next week so I can work out more. We have to work on Monday, but iam hoping to leave at 5:00 to get home tosee the inauguration which I think is noon EST so 6:00 pm here. Anyone participating in the National Day of service Saturday? Have a good weekend, whatever you do..stay warm, drink cocoa, lie on the couch...