Friday Finesse!

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Friday Finesse!
Fri, 01-25-2013 - 9:51am

We really should have drop down options for our titles.  :)  

I've got one client this morning and am doing a strength workout this morning.  I'm focusing on getting to failure... so, simple exercises and going to failure.  I realized that I'm very numbers focused and once I hit that number, I stop.  So, trying a little something new.  

What's everyone up to this weekend?  We're meeting some friends for dinner tonight and tomorrow is our game night.  It's also a garlic themed potluck so we'll all smell terrible.  :)  Our game nights usually get about 12 or so people.  This one has netted about 25 so we're definitely going to have to have multiple games going.  

Breakfast: breakfast sandwich, latte

Lunch: southwest chicken cesear salad

Snack: ?

Dinner: cocktail, tacos  

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Fri, 01-25-2013 - 10:54am

Ugg. Freezing rain! We were supposed to get snow and instead it is freezing rain. Hubby is stuck on the interstate just over an hour from home because it has been closed. I told him to pull over and wait it out in a restaurant somewhere. 

I probably won't get anywhere today unless the sun comes out and drastically warms up. I guess I'll take this time to clean the bathrooms. lol 

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Sat, 01-26-2013 - 1:57pm
I didn't post yesterday...I wasn't feeling great. Thursday night I could not get warm...I've never had the chills before, but I think I did then. When I woke up yesterday I felt really tired and was cold again, so I emailed in thing I dislike about living alone is that there is no one to ask 'do you think I'm sick?'. But I slept until 11:30, then laid on the couch. I called in to some meetings...there is a lot of stuff going on at work...reorganization...and the communication is not being done well so there are rumors and unhappy people. I suspect my area will be moved, and I am sorry about that....of all the options, I like the one we have now the best. I flirt with the idea of retirement all the time - I am not really old enough but I could do it...or find another job. Or I can just lay low and wait a while...I have a lot of vacation time, I need to take it...I felt better today and went to Zumba, but I am tired tonight, so will either have a nap or go to bee early...enjoy the weekend everyone!
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Mon, 01-28-2013 - 11:01am

I was wondering why I didn't post on Friday and then remembered that I worked at 6am, strong of clients and then headed up to ski, theoretically before the traffic got bad from the snow but I don't think avoiding traffic is possible when snow is in the forecast.  Had a fun but exhausting weekend at the slopes.