"Gearing up for the weekend" Friday

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"Gearing up for the weekend" Friday
Fri, 01-17-2014 - 7:17am

Anyone have fun plans for the three day weekend?  I'll be skiing/teaching for the next four days. I have the hardest time working in a good workout schedule during ski season. I don't get tired skiing as much as it goes on for so long that I need more rest.  I only teach one class a week now (I don't know how I used to ski all weekend to come back to teaching three intense classes on Monday morning).  I signed up for a intro package at the yoga/pilates studio w/ my daughter and am doing one of the personal training sessions tonight and then we have dog training.  Other than dog walking and training, I might spend the rest of the day on the couch to rest for skiing the next four days.  Teaching is the hardest part--in beginning lessons, it's constantly skiing uphill to bring people down.


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Fri, 01-17-2014 - 3:31pm

All the classes I do are part of my gym membership and I am on some plan that as long as I continue my yearly membership and never let it expire, I am paying the same price I did 12 years ago. My family membership at the gym cost me just over $1 a day. I checked into doing some classes like Yoga and Cross-fit at other places around and was stunned over how much they cost. Yoga alone is $90 at a studio here and cross-fit is $10 a class. That gets pretty pricey if you go more than one time a week. 

I have been laughing for the last hour over the thought of my husband wearing these: Meggings I have a son that is pretty bold but I can't even see him wearing them. 

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Fri, 01-17-2014 - 3:57pm

My husband has some not so nice things to say about men that wear skinny jeans, so there is no way you'd ever see him in those!!

That's my biggest thing, the cost of it all, I pay $61 for a family membership at the Y right now, its a corporate price but still...  while fitness is important to me, I don't have the money in the budget to shell out much more than we already are.

I did just find out the Y near us has opened up, there is one near us, but they were opening up a new location that is just as close to us, just the opposite direction.  They actually have dance classes on Saturday mornings for the little ones.  I am going to go over tomorrow and get them signed up for the session that starts in March, they are back to back classes, so I can at least get a 35 minute work out while one of them is in class and the other is in child care.  My littler one does not like going to the child care, so I normally don't fight her on it, but I can work out while she is in class and the older one will go to child care.

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Fri, 01-17-2014 - 4:38pm

No plans for the weekend as of now. Probably housework and deskwork, and yardwork if I can get my butt out there before it gets too hot. Yes, too hot. Its 86F with 10% humidity, been like this all week and its supposed to continue like this for days. I'm sorry that I sound like I'm whining to those of you dealing with ice and snow, but there are downsides to this kind of weather (really, there are!) besides my skin cracking. I did a sluggish hour at the velodrome so at least I can say that I exercised today. 

Jean, how do you ski uphill? I thought it was kind of a side step thing. Karla, hope you can get out to your crossfit class tomorrow. I can't think of any guy I know wearing meggings. I'll have to ask my dd in NYC if she sees men wearing them. Cath, good job on doing your Pilates today. Little by little!! Arryl, bummer about your class getting canceled. I hope they can find another location and start it up again. GR, what is Evernote? Hope your migraine goes away. FSN your job sounds way too demanding these days---your vacay will such a great break. SJ, you didn't tell us what you're up to?

Hope that all of you ladies have a great weekend!

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Sat, 01-18-2014 - 10:14am

Let us know if you went to the party and if so, how it went.  

On the wild hair, if you have some length, you can do wild colors underneath near the nape of your neck.  That way, if you wear your hair down at work, it's not seen.  I'm thinking that you work from home often enough that I'll bet they wouldn't mind.  Wink  But, this is from someone who is wearing monkey pajamas and editing a book at the moment.  

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Sat, 01-18-2014 - 1:49pm

Hi ladies...I worked from home todayso icould workout at lunch time - my gym is on one side of the city from my house, work in the other. It is fine if I am going from work to gym and home, but too far togotoand from work...or soi think,anyway. All I did was bike warmup and lift, no cardio. Fortunately I did well food wise in NY so my weight was down...I only packed healthy snacks and made good food choices. I am going tothe Celtics with my brother and family tonight,and if idon't lose my nerve, to a birthday party....Cath, Pilates works whether you are 'good at it' or not...it's very progressive...it stays hard no matter how good you get! GR and ELC, we had nice weather here too...45 degrees! Karla, winter is on its way back here too. So iwill be in the brrrr zone again. GR, i have a hair appointment In two weeks - I might drop in tomorrow and discuss wildness...or maybe not...I work fora Rey conservative bank....have great weekends everyone!