I know why I am exhausted on Friday

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I know why I am exhausted on Friday
Fri, 11-09-2012 - 8:10am

Phew - what an exhausting week!  I am so glad that it is almost over.  Yoga today, cut short for an early meeting this morning.  Work throughout the day, neighborhood party tonight if I am able to maintain some stamina.

Tomorrow, spin and pilates, Sunday, yoga.  I should take the dog on a walk too.

Last night was interesting - small company meets big company.  It should be interesting to see what comes of it.  I ate abalone last night, since I only ate it once, when I was a child and couldn't remember what it was like, being told it was so rare...must try new things...probably won't try it again.  :P

There is a craft fair I might go to this weekend, but I would prefer to start on a quilt...some girlfriends are trying to get me to go out.  I got a new lens for my camera, so the party tonight and the fair this weekend might be a good chance to try it out. :)

Life is good.  Do things NOW, as life is short.  DH's coworker has breast cancer that returned.  It doesn't look good.  <sigh>.

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Fri, 11-09-2012 - 8:18am

No kidding on the exhaustion!  I haven't worked a whole lot but I feel emotionally spent with the election, my client leaving, etc.  I'm glad it's Friday.  I've only got one client today and this afternoon, DH and I are supposed to tackle the garage.  

I'm taking a rest day today.  My workouts have all been tough and my abs are STILL sore from a push-up/mountain climber combo I did on Monday.  Unfortunately, my weight is still way up which is annoying but I'm trying not to let it get to me.  

We were invited to a movie tonight but I'm being lame and choosing an early bedtime instead.  We're doing a day trip tomorrow to an animal park and winery.  I want to be well rested for that.


celery sticks, rice cakes, sawdust...  KIDDING.  :P   

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Fri, 11-09-2012 - 8:18am

I haven't been to a craft fair in ages. How fun!

I have three weeks of school left and my sister and I are signed up to start Yoga classes again. I honestly can't wait as I just feel so good after a Yoga session. In the meantime, I have so many projects due over the next few weeks. Ugg.

We are expecting a real warm up today so I am hoping to do some outdoor walking this evening. It may be one of my last outdoor sessions for months. I'm a weather wheeny so I usually take to the treadmill or eliptical during winter. I just hate being cold or having cold air blow on me.

Hubby and I sat down to watch the movie we've been waiting to see for a while and would you believe when I took the DVD out of the packet, it was broken in half? Ugg. Now I have to send it back and wait for another copy.  

Nothing but homework for me this weekend. Hope everyone gets some rest and relaxation in. 

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Fri, 11-09-2012 - 7:32pm
My visa came today..so. I will leave for Poland the Monday after Thanksgiving...I need to not procrastinate any longer and start knocking things off the list. I am nervous...it is so cold and dark here and I know it will be like that there..I hope I do not waste this experience by huddling inside... I went to Zumba tonight...new instructor..there is some drama over the prior instructor's leaving and the class was small. She wa ok, but being new, no one knew he moves...I would go Again but may not have the chance. I have a wierd pain in my side togo with the pain in my foot. I am not sure if it is muscular or something else...it responds to ibuprofen so that makes me think it is...but if it isn't gone or at least better by Monday, I will call the doctor as I do not want to be in Poland having my appendix out. One bad thing about living alone is not having someone to get an opinion from when you think you might be sick but maybe you aren't.... I think we should ALL have a restful weekend....