Ice storm Tuesday

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Ice storm Tuesday
Tue, 02-04-2014 - 12:31pm

Ew ew ew. We are expecting a potential ice storm in my area. My town is right on the line between heavy snow and ice and I am praying for the snow side. In my opinion there is nothing worse than ice.

I wound up running 3 miles on the tread yesterday because I knew I wouldn't get to the gym today. SJ, I am curious as to your time on the tread. Do you set a certain pace or do you run and it times how fast you are going? I have to set mine for a certain pace so I am not sure exactly how accurately I am running the pace that is set. It seems like it is going to give me a specific time whether I am really moving at that speed or not. Does that make sense? 

My plans for today are to work a little on iVillage then make a big pot of soup and plop down and catch up on episodes of Downton Abbey. 

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Tue, 02-04-2014 - 6:59pm
We are between snow storms. There is something about knowing it will snow and not knowing how it will impact my plans that makes me feel panic...I have always had that issue so I know what it is, but it still happens....and really my plan is 'go to gym' so it isn't that big a deal. On the plus side, I will work from my couch. My pc at work got upgraded last night and today was a nightmare of stuff not working. I have vision issues - they are not obvious to other people, and I try to quietly compensate, but one is that I need the resolution of my screen to be set so the font is big. I told them that last night, but of ourse it wasn't set....each time someone fixed sorting, it seemed to change settings and everything got reset so that I was back o the font issue. And in an effort to provide support, three different people helped me...they all felt obliged to suggest that I should get glasses...and of course, I have two different pairs, but they don't help with the pc issue...whine whine whine,,,,,Karla, I run 2 miles in however long it takes. The treadmill tracks time and distance. I doa variation of HIIT where I run at progressively higher levels, from 4.8 to 7.0. I try to run. Longer at the lower levels, and then decrease as I go up, and I usually go up in increments of .2. I count steps so in a good run, I run 400 or 500 steps, which is close to a half mile, then I walk for .05, then I go up and run again. Sometimes I drop down in the middle to run longer....don't know if that makes sense...Aryl, Crossfit sounds does warm weather....I carried my swimsuit to work today....then carried it home...I plan to do a nice AB routine during the Biggest Loser finale...then wait for snow!
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Tue, 02-04-2014 - 2:18pm
Cool but lovely day here in Texas. I did cross fit, all arms today. I am sore, but glad I pushed through and did a good work out. I am looking forward to tomorrow as its supposed to be sunny so the instructor said he was planning legs and cardio and would be bringing out the rowing machines. I like the rowing machines.