Managing Monday

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Managing Monday
Mon, 10-22-2012 - 10:07am

Hi Everyone,

I'm feeling like a debbie-downer today. My streak of doing great on Ethics quizzes appears to have ended. Ugg. I guess I am just not interested enough in the Kantian or Utilitarian views on sexual morality or euthanasia. I passed the quizzes but just barely. On the other hand, in one of my business classes, I am in charge of setting up an on-line meeting between eight people to create a list about having on-line meetings. I don't think I could have been luckier to have gotten that particular assignment. 

My husband's unhappiness with his job is spilling over into every aspect of his life. He is miserable. He has gained nearly 30 pounds, is suffering from some kind of skin condition that the doc thinks is stress related, and has constant ailments. We have decided he needs to leave and are working on his resume together. He has been at his job for 26 years and right now he has no idea where to begin to look for something else. It is definitely not something we had planned to deal with when planning our future.

I did get a good workout in yesterday and hope to get several miles in this week since the weather is supposed to be very nice.  


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Mon, 10-22-2012 - 10:51am

Your husband is lucky to have such a great wife that sees his dilemna and will help him to move forward!

I am the same way as you with regards to studying.  Boo.

Work, work, work.  Blah.  I am not 'feeling the love' for the job today.  I have a therapist appointment for my son today.  YUCK.  i would rather paint or make a quilt.  On a positive note, I did an AWESOME yoga class yesterday.  The instructor "kicked it up a notch" with some really challenging moves.  I was able to do them, along with a bind which made me feel so strong.  I LOVE yoga.  I just hate all of my sweating.  :(

No workout least, not that I am anticipating.  I think I would rather paint or start a quilt.  I got a good start on organizing my craft room, so perhaps I will do something crafty tonight.  :)

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Mon, 10-22-2012 - 11:14am

Good luck with all you have going on. The refreshing thing I'm finding, with learning as an adult, is that I pick and choose what I want.  If those areas don't interest you and you just get by, it really doesn't matter.  If there's ever an occasion to know it, you know where to find the information.  Sorry about your husband, too.  It's hard to leave a place of comfort but it's a good thing to do it, too.  I'll bet it's a load off his mind that he has you in his corner. Sometimes it just takes a different mindset to change a downward spiral.

Good title. I feel the same way with early morning Mondays.  I had three clients, one more after lunch.  The office manager at my workplace is super nice, great at some things but she always botches the schedule and clients don't get on the schedule. I showed up this morning and one client was working out by herself. Not a good thing at 6am.  They usually make good on mistakes by giving free sessions but that will, imo, only keep clients happy for so long.  I've been low on energy lately, except when I'm working out and have a ton of energy then. So, I've been working out more and harder. But, then I'm wondering if it's a vicious cycle--the more I work out, the less energy I have for regular life.  I'm heading for a high intensity cardio class tonight.  I have a few places to choose from, maybe too many options?  But, I still might head towards my old gym because I love the instructor.

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Mon, 10-22-2012 - 1:25pm
I'm super frustrated with this board. I can't load any of the responses to Karla's post (so I can't read them). If I hit "reply" under Karla's post, nothing happens. If you reply to this, I probably will not be able to see it (and I'm using Chrome on my laptop). Karla - Sorry to her about your hubby but it sounds like you're taking the right steps. There really isn't a bigger red flag than his health declining. I have an easy day today. One client already this morning and then a laser appointment. I was planning to work out but then the laser clinic told me not to because it might cause swelling. So, rest day for me and just getting things done around the house.